21MAY23: The Mega Kai Tak Flyout DEPARTED

It’s an airport that doesn’t need an introduction! Known by many names throughout its 70-year history, Kai Tak International airport served as the main airport for the country of Hong Kong. The runway 13 approach is want lured 1000s of people to the airport because of its 45-degree turn on short final to line up with the runway, which affectionately gave it the name “Kai Tak Heart Attack”! Join me in May for this retro event!!

Event Specifics
Airport: Kai Tak international Airport VHHX
Time: 1700Z, 11am MST
Server: Training Server
Date: May 21st 2023


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Asiana Seoul Gimpo B744 @Alaska_Airlines09
2 United San Francisco B772 @PhorzaSky
3 Northwest Seattle DC10
4 Cathay Pacific Paris Orly B744
5 Delta Los Angeles MD-11 @Topgottem
6 Continental Saipan DC10
7 Singapore Honolulu DC10 @Flyin.Hawaiian
Main Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
15 Cathay Pacific Saparo A333
16 Cathay Pacific Anchorage B744
17 Pan Am Tokyo Narita B742
18 Pan Am Karachi B742
19 Pan Am Bombay/Mumbai B742
20 Philippine Manila DC10
21 Aeroflot Moscow A333 @Ryan_15
22 China Airlines Taipei DC-10
23 British Airways London Heathrow DC-10 @LuckyRc
24 Air France Paris DC-10 @777_heavy
25 China Southern Guangzhou B757 @Ken_wei
26 Air India New Delhi B744 @eldrago
27 Infinite flight London Gatwick MD-11 @DJW
28 Infinite flight London Gatwick MD-11 @Ben_Walsh
30 Cathay Pacific Perth A333 @Aviator_PdJ
31 JAL Tokyo Haneda DC10 @United403
32 Lufthansa Frankfurt A340 @HunterCallahan87
33 Korean Seoul Incheon B744 @Mason_Lennox
34 Malaysian Airlines Kuala Lumpur DC10
35 EVA Air Taipei B744 @MANDELA
36 Cathay Pacific Taipei A333 @CaptSel004
37 SAA Johannesburg A340
38 Dragon Air Phuket A320 @Mort
East Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
51 Cathay Pacific Johannesburg B744
52 Cathay Pacific Cebu A333 @Harrison_S
53 Cathay Pacific Bangkok A333
54 Cathay Pacific Bahrain B744
55 Cathay Pacific Paris B744
56 Cathay Pacific Rome B744
57 Cathay Pacific New york B744 @IF.Najd
58 Cathay Pacific Columbo A333 @DaDoggRoss
59 Cathay Pacific Vancouver B744
60 Cathay Pacific Manila A333
61 Alitalia Rome DC-10
South Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
71 Varig Rio De Janeiro MD-11 @Nowee_playzz
72 SwissAir Zürich MD-11 @AviationAlpha
73 Qantas Melbourne B744 @Nowee_playzz
74 PIA Karachi DC10
75 Qatar Doha A333
76 SAS Copenhagen A333
77 El Al Tel Aviv B744
78 Emirates Dubai B772
79 ANA Tokyo Narita B767
80 MartinAir Amsterdam MD-11
81 Thai Airways Bangkok B744 @Generic_Flyer
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
41 FedEx Anchorage B777F @Spark-1908
43 FedEx Memphis DC10
44 UPS Anchorage MD-11
45 UPS Louisville MD-11
46 National Anchorage B744
47 National Chicago B744
48 Kalitta Air Los Angeles B744
49 Cargolux New York B744

Air Traffic Control

Gate Airline
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Approach @3Ssomy167
Departure @3Ssomy167
Hong Kong Center @BenjiTheBull


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

I’ll take this


@PhorzaSky gate 2 is yours!

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I figured Topgottem would want the Delta MD11 lol

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ill take this one

@poncho41 amazing choice

No,I had misread the start time as 1:00

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@LuckyRc hello there

I will actually take this please!

@LuckyRc amazing choice

this please!

@Flyin.Hawaiian coming right up

Mine mine mine

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek yours yours yours

Been kinda quiet here
Keep filling up them gates

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You know what to do, list me for this

@Generic_Flyer amazing choice!

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I’ll take this one please!

@Harrison_S that gate is now the property of you 😉

I want to fly to Colombo instead (VCBI) on a Cathay A333 (CX700)