21MAY23 | Interstate 95 madness @KEWR

Interstate madness

The really cool probably never done before Interstate 95 “Roadtrip.”

  • This events starts at KEWR. We do the usual takeoff and such, but then… we’re flying along the highway. This Event is just a cruise down I-95 Listening to ‘California Gurls’ on your Spotify playlist. Probably flying under 350ft and probably slower than 160 knots, we’re trying to go and see Washington DC! Stopping for a Quick Rest Stop at Philadelphia. But in a Private PM, To avoid it from getting boring there is Some Trivia, and maybe other things we can do!

Server: Casual

Airport: KEWR → KDCA

Time: 1600Z → 1800Z

  1. I am not responsible if you Crash or… Get a fenderbender.
  2. You can copy my flight plan, or follow manually. Your speed is at your discretion.
  3. GA Aircraft Only. [ It is ok if you are using a small Private Jet to Plane spot if you’d wish.]
  4. There Is no gate assignments. Yay!
  5. Get a Spotify playlist ready too.
  6. Have fun!

If you have any questions, Let me know.

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will join in a cessna

That’s awesome! Thanks for joining my first event 🤙

your welcome!

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I will do the CL35 see u Baltimore
I will plane spot u guys there

Before it starts I’m doing NetJets to Baltimore anyway

Awesome 👏 Thanks for joining!

I will do this if the Challenger 350 is out then

Alrighty then, thanks for the join 🙌

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Yeah! I’m looking forward to this highly unique event!

This event has been inspired by

I have been longing for an event like this 🙂


I’ve seen it after a seeing a certain thread, and wanted to see more Hilarious casual server joke events

Mostly these are rare, or never gotten enough people for it to take off.

A fun twist, cause i take amtrak a lot, it’ll be cool to make a part 2 where u follow the train tracks

I’ll try to come in my P38

Maybe 👀

That would be great!

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24 hours left! Join if you want of course!

I might be late. Can you tell me the airports you will be passing?

The airports we are passing are Philadelphia, I’ll spawn in 5 minutes @KEWR.

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Thanks! :)