21MAY22 / 1200Z / - Flying "Loww" through Austria! - FLY-OUT @ LOWW

@Nayan.Kaushik @Randonaut62 @Karin_Wong @itzalpp thank you all sm for signing up! You’re all good to go now ;)


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thx guys!hope a nice trip

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Somebody is at my gate i cant spawn e52

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sorry mate there’s not much i can do about that :/


hello guys,hh, i am E51 next to u

There are quite a lot of empty gates

time to go now!

Where is everyone

I see u buddy, i am B-0528

landing in Riga international airport

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Sorry guys but unfortunately I could not join, but I will join events for the future.

Yes, sorry. I was not able to attend either.
Too busy day. I will definitely join next time. Thanks for organizing the event.

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