21MAY21 / 1500Z - The In-N-Out Attack @ KLAX

The In-N-Out Attack

Calling all pilots! This event is extremely serious and should be driven with 100 percent realism. Failure to demonstrate proper drive-thru etiquette will result in masses of people shaming you. You have been warned.

Now, we all know about the In-N-Out that the devs have placed right by KLAX. We all know that In-N-Out offers only the best food, sacred to all the burger connoisseurs. We all know that deep down, we want to taste the savory delight of these irresistible, delectable, scrumptious, marvelous burgers, in our flight simulator. I am giving you the opportunity to do just that. Come join me as we fill our pockets and storage compartments and possibly even ears, with In-N-Out burgers.

About The Event

Pilots will spawn at the northeast corner of Los Angeles Int’l, and drive over to the haven that we call In-N-Out.


Time: 1500Z, 2021-05-21T15:00:00Z
Airport: KLAX
Server: Casual
Aircraft: XCub
Livery: Any
Driving Time: ~3 minutes

Speed: Do not exceed 15 knots in ground speed, and never, and I mean never, drive through, or around someone.



After spawning, pilots will form a line holding short of runway 24L. Once all the attendees are assembled, we will caravan our way over to the restaurant. Once we arrive at the In-N-Out, our entry into the drive thru will be as follows.

We will keep to the right of the line of cars, and stay in the aircraft lane. You will order your burger (fries and drinks if you want them), and then let everyone else get their meal. We will convene to the west of the burger venue, and eat our yummy-yummy-in-my-tummy. See map below for further specification.

It is extremely important that you do not hit any cars. If you do, you will pay the legal fees. I am not responsible for any damages to your vehicle or yourself.

To sign up, simply let me know! There will be no gate assignments.



I hope you can attend, and enjoy your delicious burgers!


Put me in coach! Im ready to play!

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I’ll be coming!

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Why is the event on a Friday during school for all the Americans 😔


Because I said so felix 😤


i’m in for this! sign me up!


If it’s virtual school get another device and join 🤭

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can we try to exit the airport using roads like normal cars would or is the satellite imagery too bad?

I don’t think it’s high enough quality, so we’ll be driving over the tarmac

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i’m in

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We should take the interstate up to SFO

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I’m in! Let’s do this

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Future event? 👀

Drive up the Interstate 90! @ KSEA - KJFK

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It should’ve been with the event

I’ll definitely be coming, it’s on my lunchbreak so it’s perfect


This is already my most popular event 🥲

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I’m excited, even though this is the most shortest event

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desert bus event

Sign me up man! I would love to sink my teeth into succulent American beef!
Though since I’m from Singapore…we have Shake Shack instead.

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