21MAY20 / 1415Z - IF.WALES 600 follower special @ EGCC - LEPA

Summary: 21/05/2020/1415Z - IF.WALES 600 follower special @ EGCC - LEPA

Server: Training sever

Airport: EGCC T1 and T2

Time: 14:15Z

Airlines/Aircraft: *Jet 2 (T2 EGCC), TUI 738 (T2 EGCC), EZY A320 (T1 EGCC)

Gates at EGCC: Gate 1: @IF_LOVER1 Gate 2: @Jesse0409 Gate 3: @Aviation_Time Gate 4: @IF-INDONESIA Gate 5: @Joshbaker Gate 6: Gate 7: Gate 8: Gate 9: Gate 10: Gate 201: @Aviationflyer04 Gate 202: IG: IFS.UK Gate 203: Gate 204: Gate 205: Gate 206: Gate 207: Gate 208: Gate 209: Gate 210:

Gates at LEPA: Gate A1-2: @IF_LOVER1 Gate A3-4: @Aviationflyer04 Gate A5-6: @Jesse0409 Gate A23-24: @Aviation_Time Gate A25-26: IG - IFS.UK Gate A27-28: @IF-INDONESIA Gate B30: @Joshbaker Gate B31: Gate B32: Gate B33: Gate B34: Gate B35: Gate B36: Gate B37: Gate D88: Gate D90: Gate D92: Gate D94: Gate D96: Gate D98:

ATC: @Ifdubai no other ATC please

How to join: If you would like to join comment and I will give you your gates for both airports :D


Hey! Looks like a cool event, but make sure your title conforms to the format outlined here;

It also may be worth changing the formatting of your post to attract prospective attendees. See some other posts in #live:events for some inspiration, but the main points are image banners, headings and dividers.

See you in the skies!


Okay thanks for the help :D

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If you can reserve hehe

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Okay! Would you like to fly Jet 2, TUI or Easyjet?

Can I join?

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Yes! What plane? Jet 2 TUI or Easyjet?

Tui 738 for me!

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Okay glad to have you joining!

Looks like a cool event!
Im in😊
@ifthenetherlands :)

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Cool! Jet2, tui or easyjet?

EasyJet if possible

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Okay sure!

I want to be part of it🙌 Easy A

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Okay glad to have you coming!

Can I join

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Yes , tui, jet2 or easyjet

EasyJet please!

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Okay perfect!

Easy Jet!

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