21may20 / 0900z @ egkk-egcc

Hey Everyone, I have organised a EasyJet GROUP Flight from LONDON GATWICK -> Manchester


Any easyjet plane

Please load in 5-10 minutes before hand
Pushback 2020-05-21T09:35:00Z

It will be on training Server

We have @AlaskaFlyer03 doing ATC Ground and Tower at both Manchester and Gatwick so please respect all his commands.

Tell me if you are coming so I can assign you a gate

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Error… Change the dates

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We will be departing in 35 mins everyone. Please comment if you are coming

Can I be EGKK Departure?

We have just left.

So I can’t?

I mean. There is 2 people left. You could be approach if you want?

And when will you need me on approach?

We arrive in approx 30 mins so if you want to log on now.

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Okay dokey

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I’m there!

Ok. I will tune in when I can. My callsign is easy257

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