21MAY20 / 0400Z YPPH-HAAB Qantas Long Haul! @ YPPH

Information: Qantas 787-9 Group Flight To HAAB

Beautiful picture of Perth Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 5.03.54 PM

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Airport: YPPH
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Perth Airport (IATA: PER , ICAO: YPPH ) is an international airport serving Perth, the largest and capital city of Western Australia. It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia measured by passenger movements[2]and falls within the boundaries of the City of Belmont, City of Kalamunda and the City of Swan.[3] Perth Airport and Jandakot Airport, the other civilian airport within the Perth metropolitan area, recorded a combined total of 362,782 aircraft movements in 2017.[4]

Since 1997, it has been operated by Perth Airport Pty Limited, a private company (formerly Westralia Airports Corporation Pty Ltd) under a 99-year lease from the Commonwealth Government.[5]:p 48

In 2012, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a report rating the Perth Airport as the worst in Australia, as judged by airlines. The same report rated it below satisfactory for the second year in a row.[6] However, due to recent expansions and projects, the airport was awarded Capital City airport of the year by the Australian Airports Association at their national conference in 2016.[7] In 2018, Perth Airport was named the best airport in Australia for overall service quality by the ACCC after the completion of a $1 billion redevelopment project over the span of 5 years.[8] The first direct, non-stop flight from Oceania to Europe commenced in 2018, with Qantas operating daily return flights to London Heathrow using a Boeing 787-9 from Perth.
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T1 Gate 143:

Terminal 2 Gate 205: Lone Gate😂

T1 Gate 146:

T1 Gate 147:

T1 Gate 148:

T1 Gate 149:

T1 Gate 150:

T1 Gate 151: @juja

T1 Gate 152:

T1 Gate 153: @Infinite_Pro

T1 Gate 154:

T1 Gate 155:

T1 Gate 156:

Overflow: T1 REMOTE 160:
T1 REMOTE 162:

T1 Gate 163:

T3 Gate 21:

T4 Gate 13:

T4 Gate 14:

T4 Gate 15:

See you there!

PS: Copy my flight plan :P

You have a few things to fix. The title hasn’t been properly formatted, you need to add the slash between date and time, and move the location to the back of the title. 9000 Zulu does not exist. If you meant 0900Z, that has passed a long time ago. If you need help with the zulu time, use this converter:


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Rip sorry I always fail sorry just give me a sec to fix.

there we go!

I fixed it for you - so happy to see love for my hometown. Just to confirm, is it today at 2100Z?

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yeah I just fixed.

T1 Gate 151 Please!


I won’t be able to come but have fun!

Just to let you know, 2100Z was 3 hours 45 minutes ago

I believe he is talking about the upcoming 2100Z, which would be the 21st of May, is that correct? @Infinite_Pro

Sorry for all the confusion TIME Is 0400Z I messed up

0400Z on 20/05 would have been just over 23 hours ago? Do you mean 21/5?

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IM DONE! this is very rip sorry yes the 21’s of may.

You have been signed up.

Were Departing Now!

I am behind you 👍🏼

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