21JUN24: San Fransisco flyout 2010 Edition

My first event on IFC was San Fransisco🌁! Ive always wanted to give this beautiful west coast city a retro event, and no year was better than 2010 🗓️! In the 2000s, the airport hosted the big 3 carriers American, Delta, and United, as well as many older airlines including Virgin America who maintained a hub in San Fransisco until they merged with Alaska in 2018, and Continental Airlines who merged with UAL in 2012! The airport also hosted many now defunct airlines including TACA, Lan Airlines, Mexican and Air Tran! Join me this summer for my second ever Retro Event and let’s fill NorCal once again! ✈️

Event Info
Airport: San Fransisco international Airport KSFO
Time: 1700z, 11am mst
Date: Friday, June 21st, 2024
Server: Expert Server

International Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
A1T Aeromexico Mexico City B737
A2 KLM Amsterdam B744/MD11 @KJKLM281
A4R WestJet Calgary B737
A5 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong B744
A6S Korean Seoul B772 @Olivia12
A8 Air Berlin Berlin A333
A9 Qantas Sydney B744 @MANDELA
A10 Japan Airlines Tokyo Haneda B772
A11 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow A340
A12 Asiana Seoul B744
A13V China Airlines Taipei B744 @AnotherPilot77
A15 British Airways London Heathrow B744 @MPH258
A21A Lan Peru Lima B767
A21B Mexicana Guadalajara A318
A22A Hawaiian Honolulu B767
A22B Mexicana Puerto Vallarta A318
A23 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 @Mort
Terminal 1
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
B1 AirTran Milwaukee B737
B2 Southwest Las Vegas B737
B4 AirTran Atlanta B738
B5 Southwest Orange County B737
B6 Southwest Chicago Midway B737
B7 Jetblue Long Beach A320
B8 Jetblue Boston A320
B9 US Airways Philadelphia A320
B10 Alaska San Jose del Cabo B738
B11 Alaska Seattle B738
B12 US Airways Charlotte A320
B13 Horizon Portland Q400
B14 US Airways Phoenix B757 @CedricFlys
B15 Delta New York JFK B757
B16 Delta Cincinnati B738
B17 Delta Honolulu B767
B18 Delta Tokyo Narita B767
B19 Delta Atlanta B757
B20 Frontier Denver A318
B21 Delta Memphis B738 @anon87523340
B22 Alaska Palm Springs B738
B23 Delta Detroit A319
B24 Continental Houston DC10 @MAviationYT
B25 Continental Newark DC10
B26 Continental Cleveland DC10
B27 Delta Minneapolis A319
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
C3 Virgin America Boston A320
C4 Virgin America Toronto Pearson A320
C5 Virgin America Washington national A320 @deltaoutofdca
C6 Virgin America San Diego A320
C7 American (Chrome) Miami B757
C8 American (Chrome) Dallas B738
C9 American (Chrome) Chicago B757 @YAWspeed
C10 American (Chrome) Boston B757
C11 American Honolulu B767
D1 Virgin America Las Vegas A320 @Bay_Area_Aviation
D2 Virgin America Fort Lauderdale A320
D4 Virgin America Los Angeles A320
D5 Virgin America Seattle A320 @RedWolf
D6 Virgin America Santa Ana A320
D7 Virgin America San Jose del Cabo A320
D8 Virgin America Cancun A320
D9 Virgin America Palm Springs A320
D10 Virgin America Denver A320
D11 Virgin America Orlando A320
D12 Virgin America New orleans A320
D14 Virgin America Raleigh A320
D15 Virgin America Austin A320
D16 Virgin America Baltimore A320
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
E1 Air Canada Calgary DH8D
E2 United Bakersfield DH8D
E3 Air Canada Montreal A319
E4 Air Canada Toronto A319
E5 Air Canada Vancouver CRJ2
E6 United Redding DH8D
E7 United San Diego CRJ2
E8 United Victoria CRJ2
E9 United Eureka CRJ2
E10 United Klamath Falls DH8D
E11 United Redmond DH8D
E12 United Ontario CRJ2
E13 United San Luis Obispo DH8D
F1 United North Bend CRJ2 @OV-099
F2 United Fresno CRJ2
F3 United Chico DH8D
F4 United Salt Lake City CRJ2
F5 United Aspen DH8D
F6 United Burbank CRJ2
F7 United Monterey DH8D
F8 United Reno DH8D
F9 United Houston A320
F11 United Chicago B744
F12 United Seattle CRJ2
F13 United(Battleship Grey Washington Dulles B772
F14 United Orlando B757
F15 United Honolulu B744 @Prestoni
F16 United(Battleship Grey) Kahului B772
F17 United Lihue B757
F19 United Dallas A320
F20 United(Blue Tulip) Boston B767
F21 United Pittsburg B757
F22 IUnited(Blue Tulip) New York JFK B767
International Terminal G
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
G1 Swiss Zurich A333
G2 Singapore Airlines Singapore A333
G3 Lufthansa Frankfurt B744
G4 United Hong Kong B744
G5 EVA Air Taiepi B77W @Random_avatitor
G6 ANA Tokyo Haneda B772
G7 United Tokyo Narita B744
G8 United Sydney B744
G9 Air New Zealand Auckland B77W
G10 United Seoul B744
G12V Air China Beijing A333
G13S Emirates Dubai A380 @Takunda
G103 United London B744
G104 United Shanghai B744 @United403
G105 Lufthansa Munich A346

Frequency User

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun

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Thanks to @MANDELA for making banners and thanks to @Bay_Area_Aviation for helping make gate assignments!


F15 please!

Roger that

This please!

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Coming right up

Oh yeah, glory days lol! This please.

I’ll be there with KLM, might fly the MD-11 tho, not sure yet

@YAWspeed @KJKLM281 your both have been added

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bro you’re everywhere, I see you everywhere I go lmao


I’ll take this

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Amazing choice

wow that was quick😭

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Some say he camps the IFC 👀


Can I take this one?


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This route is calling to me. I’ll switch to a CRJ2 however, we never got the DH8D. only CRJ2s, Brasilias and more Brasilias.

I miss that plane sooo much


I was gon pick the A340 but it aint even got a cockpit and it hasn’t been reworked so it’s real tough rn to chose…

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There’s a few with Ameriflight but not enough

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I get those ones in Jackson nearly every day from SLC

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