21JUN21/1700Z - [First Event!] Access Air Virtual presents: A Special Conga Line @ KAUS-KPHX

Welcome to our First event at AVAL!

Access Air Virtual airlines in an IFVARB Approved (26-JAN-21) Virtual airline, our goal is to provide fun times while flying, in a very enjoyable group

All information about us, and applying is here!

This route will be from our hub city of Austin, Texas to the desert of Phoenix, Arizona.
We hope you can come and enjoy flying a fun route, in a massive conga line!

This route to us is known as “The Freaky Route” because of its connection (and suggestion) by @AviationFreak

About KAUS

Austin Airport is an airport that serves as a base for many low cost carriers like Allegiant. It has been flying people all over the country, for quite a long time.

About KPHX

Phoenix sky harbor airport is Located smack dab in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona. It serves as a base for American, and Southwest. As well As America West airlines. Phoenix offers a great selection of routes to all around the earth, as well as America.

Server: Expert

Date & Time (converts to your timezone) : 2021-06-21T17:00:00Z

Flight time: about 2 hours

This event comes with a 3x multiplier with code 779608 in our Crew Center

Gate Aircraft Pilot
1 Boeing 737-800 @Aviation2929
2 Boeing 737-800
3 Boeing 737-800
4 Boeing 737-800
5 Boeing 737-800
6 Boeing 737-800
7 Boeing 737-800
8 Boeing 737-800
9 Boeing 737-800
10 Boeing 737-800
11 Boeing 737-800
12 Airbus A321 @AviationFreak
14 Airbus A321
15 Airbus A321
16 Airbus A321
17 Airbus A321
18 Airbus A321
19 Airbus A321
20 Airbus A321
21 Airbus A321
22 Airbus A321
23 Airbus A321
24 Boeing 757-200 @bbrockairbus
25 Boeing 757-200 @MoreRightRudder
26 Boeing 757-200 @Brody_Swiatek
27 Boeing 757-200 @Patricksammonyt1
28 Boeing 757-200
29 Boeing 757-200
30 Boeing 757-200
31 Boeing 757-200
32 Boeing 757-200
33 Boeing 757-200
34 Boeing 757-200

Note: All Aircraft must be flown in the Generic or Infinite flight livery.


Frequency Controler


Frequency Controler

Access Air Virtual is not associated with the Access Air that ceased operations in 2001. To learn more about them, Click here


Me want, thx

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You are signed up!


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Sign me up for a A321

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I’d like in

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B752 thanks

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@AviationFreak @MoreRightRudder you are all signed up!

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Let’s get some more signups!


Let’s get this party started!

This route is also done on the CRJ700/900 and 772 if you have any of those planes in your fleet.

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We unfortunately don’t have any of those planes.

Do you want a spot?

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Sure, 26 please.

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Nice, you are all signed up!



|27|Boeing 757-200

This one please


You are all signed up

So close to this event!

I should be able to go but i’ll let you know about my aircraft and gate closer to the event

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Ok, thanks

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