21JUN2021 / 0346 and 0350Z - Sunset departure from Vancouver @ CYVR

Good evening (from the UK)!
Hope you’re all having an amazing day!
This morning I woke up at 4am UK time so I could do a flight from Vancouver CYVR to London Heathrow EGLL with the pleasure of the sunset on departure before only a few hours of darkness… due to the fact it’s the Summer Solstice (The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere)!
I planned it the night before so I was good to go!

As I departed Vancouver, with the sun slowly setting over the edge of the Canadian Rockies, it yielded a perfect opportunity to grab a couple of screenshots from what would be the passengers perspective.

Depicted below are two edited screenshots of the departure I had from Vancouver, before I started my day properly, leaving the flight to do its thing…

Server: Expert
Callsign: Air Canada 860
Aircraft: Air Canada livery, Boeing 777-300ER
Route: Vancouver CYVR → London Heathrow EGLL
Time (of screenshots): 0346Z and 0350Z

Photo 1: Climbing outta Downtown Vancouver

Photo 2: Sit back, Relax and Enjoy

I edited these screenshots using Adobe Lightroom CC on my M1 MacBook Pro, ironically whilst watching @AviatorDan ’s livestream over on YouTube, streaming Madrid to Heathrow 😃


Great shots! I love the editing on the first picture especially. It gives a great spread of low level light across the wing and engine over the dark evening over Vancouver.

Also great choice of route! You’re definitely brave to wake up at 4am, I’m quite the opposite: I rather stay up late than wake up early! 😆


Where I work at Stansted Airport just outside London means I would usually get up as early as 1am even, mostly 2 or 3am UK time though!
So I’m kinda used to the early times anyway. Plus me personally, I prefer getting up early than late.

Yeah my personal favourite is the first one as well, I prefer the engine view where you can look into the engines, especially GE90’s 😃

What would be nice is if Infinite Flight in a future update allowed us to take screenshots in RAW format as well as JPEG, meaning we have more room to edit the screenshots without damaging the photos quality and resolution etc. I won’t say anymore on this, as there might be topic for this already

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