21JUN20 / 2230Z - Aloha Virtual Presents: Hawaiian Flyout! @ PHNL - With IFATC, Spawn in! Signups Open!

Hosted by @Populeux_Music

Honolulu Airport Info:




Honolulu International Airport is a international airport located in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. The airport serves over 21 million passengers an year and is growing. Some hubs for this airport are Hawaiian & Aloha Air Cargo. It offers many routes to the US & Asia. The airport is one of the biggest in Hawaii and is the Gateway to the state of Hawaii.

Airport Info, SIDs, STARs, etc…


Time: 2020-06-21T22:30:00Z

Server: Expert

IFATC: Pending, if approved @reer104 will be Tower & ATIS, @NYFLFlyer22 will be ground

Now the Gates

Terminal 1 (Hawaiian)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time (provided only on some) Pilot’s Name Callsign
Gate 49 717 Hawaiian Kailua-Kona @ianfirepower HAL528
Gate 50 717 Hawaiian Kahului @Frequentfliyer HAL526
Gate 52 717 Hawaiian Hilo @AndrewSunde HAL532
Gate 53 717 Hawaiian Lihue @Populeux_Music HAL543
Gate 55 717 (because we have no ATR) Hawaiian Kaunakakai HAL612
Gate 56 717 Hawaiian Kona 0:49 @Infinite_Pro HAL128
Gate 57 A330 Generic / 767 Hawaiian New York (JFK) 9:50 @CaptainZac HAL50
Gate 58 Dash-8 Hawaiian Lanai City 0:35 @United2 custom callsign
Gate 59 717 Hawaiian Kapalua 0:38 @Hayden_Buerckner HAL564
Gate 60 717 Hawaiian Custom Des 0:38 @Michael_Anderson {Uuknown Callsign}
Gate 61 A330 Generic / 767 Hawaiian Los Angeles 5:35 @Neman_Rahmani HAL10

Below is saved for Aloha Virtual Pilots

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight time (provided only on some) Pilot’s Name Callsign
Gate 62 717 Hawaiian Hoolehua 0:38 {Uuknown Callsign}
Gate 63 717 Hawaiian Kahului @Lil_Seedy_Boi HAL527
Gate 64 717 Hawaiian Hilo HAL533
Gate 65 717 Hawaiian Lanai City 0:35 HAL {Unknown Callsign}
Gate 66 717 (because we have no ATR) Hawaiian Kaunakakai HAL612
Gate 67 717 Hawaiian Kahului HAL528

More Gates for island hops will be added if needed

Terminal 2, Basically everything else
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time (not provided on all) Pilot’s Name
Gate 34 777-200ER United Chicago (ORD) 08:30 @ORD777flyer
Gate 33 777-300ER American Chicago (ORD) 08:30 @Anthony_Williams
Gate 32 777-200ER American Dallas (DFW) 07:17 @Dendenawesome_14
Gate 31 767 Delta Atlanta (ATL) 08:43
Gate 30 777-200ER United Denver 06:39 @AlphaKilo
Gate 29 737-900 Alaska Seattle @jayfly5
Gate 28 A359 China Eastern Shanghai 12:10 @Oliver_Willis
Gate 27 737 United Los Angeles 05:30 @SkyTrail
Gate 26 737-800 Alaska Los Angeles 05:30
Gate 25 767/757 Delta Los Angeles 05:30
Gate 24 737-800 Southwest San Jose 05:20 @BigBert10
Gate 23 772LR Air Canada Toronto 08:25 @Pajd02
Gate 22 777-200ER United Houston 07:30 @Mikael_Abud
Gate 21 A359 Asiana Seoul 10:20 @mcribb1
Gate 20 787-9 Air New Zealand Auckland @Cpt_Zorndy
Gate 19 737-800 United San Francisco 05:25 @Aaron_Markowitz
Gate 18 787-9 American San Francisco 05:30 @Jacklcsm
Gate 17 A330 Generic or 787 Qantas/Jetstar Hawaiian or Qantas / Jetstar Sydney 10:30
Gate 16 A350 Philippine Airlines Manila 10:50
Gate 15 737-800 Alaska Anchorage 06:00
Gate 14 767/A330 Hawaiian Boston @Big_Chungus
Gate 13 737-800 WestJet Vancouver 05:40
Gate 12 787 ANA Tokyo 09:00
Gate 11 737-800 Southwest Oakland 05:15
Gate 10 767 United New York (EWR) 09:35
Gate 09 A330 / 767 Delta Detroit 08:46
Gate 08 737-800 Southwest Sacramento 05:20
Gate 07 A330 / 767 Hawaiian Las Vegas 05:50
Gate 06 777-200ER United San Francisco 05:30 @Tommy_Dean
Gate 05 737-800 Southwest Kona
Gate 04 777 United Guam 07:15 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
Gate 03 787-9 American Los Angeles 05:35
Gate 02 A330 / 767 Hawaiian San Francisco 05:35

Terminal 3
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Flight Time (not provided on all) Pilot’s Name
Gate 01A MD-11F Fedex Osaka
Gate 01B MD-11F Fedex Lahaina
Gate 01C MD-11F Fedex Oakland 05:35

Cargo Aprons
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s Name
Cargo UPS 01 MD-11F UPS Kailua-Kona (KOA) @AnonymouslyAnonymous
Cargo UPS 02 Any UPS plane UPS Hong Kong
Cargo Pacific Air any plane x custom cargo route
Cargo Fedex 01 777-200F Fedex Ontario
Cargo Fedex 02 MD-11F Fedex Los Angeles
Cargo UPS 03 747-8 UPS Sydney
Cargo UPS 04 MD-11F UPS San Bernardino
Cargo UPS 05 MD-11F UPS Los Angeles

Sponsorship Details

This event is sponsored by Aloha virtual, join them today!

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Thanks for reading and please signup!


This event will be sponsored by @anon21968459 soon!

Just settings things up :)

American does not fly to Chicago nonstop but great event. I’ll take Gate 30 to Denver.


Okay I’ll fix that and will also add you in, thanks for being the first sign up


I am honored.


Hey man do you think I can get a flight on a United 777-200 to ORD UA218. If I can can I take Gate 8 at the Diamond Head Terminal

I probably won’t be awake at 6am but seems like a nice flyout

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Actually can you make that American flight a United so I can fly with @ORD777flyer

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@ORD777flyer Gate 08 is this

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Which gate would that be

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Oh ok sorry. All I know is that United has that area there so I didn’t know sorry about that.

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Let’s go Anthony 👍

Gate 33. (character limit)


I believe United has gates 7-11

Just take gate 34 so we can park next to each other.

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Ok sure I will

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Gate 34 777-200ER United Chicago (ORD) 08:30




When we get to ORD I might take gate C20

Yea that is correct.


I believe so.

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