21JUN20 / 2015Z - The Tampa Bay Flyout @ KTPA

20 Best Things to Do in Tampa that Everyone Will Enjoy


The Tampa Bay Flyout

About the Event:

Welcome to the seventh installment of my “underserved hubs” series. In this series, I’m focusing on smaller airline hubs in IF that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

About TPA:

Tampa International Airport (IATA: TPA, ICAO: KTPA), is an international airport six miles (9.7 km) west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida. The airport is publicly owned by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA). It has been praised for its architecture and Landside/Airside design of a central terminal landside connected by trams to four satellite air terminals and gates, a pioneering concept when designed in the late 1960s. The airport was called Drew Field Municipal Airport until 1952.

The airport is served by over twenty major air carrier airlines, four regional airlines, and three air cargo carriers. Three of the regional airlines operate under the banner of mainline air carriers, while a fourth, Silver Airways, is independent and utilizes Tampa International Airport as a hub for its operations. Southwest Airlines carries the airport’s largest share of passengers, operating up to 121 daily flights.

The airport presently serves 93 non-stop destinations throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. The airport handled 22,497,953 passengers in 2019, making it the 28th-busiest airport by passenger movements in North America.

Important Event Information:

Date and Time:Sunday, June 21, 2020 8:15 PM
(This is automatically converted to your local timezone.)

Server: Expert

Airport: KTPA

Aircraft: Whatever is assigned to your route.


Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.

Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.

You are responsible for watching yourself. If you get violations or ghosted within a week before this event, do not come crying to me.

If a route is not listed that you want, please click here to make sure it is a realistic route before placing your gate request.

Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

You are responsible for your own fuel. I would recommend using fpltoif.com or simbrief.com. The simbrief tutorial is linked here.


Passenger Airlines

Tampa is served by 21 airlines.

Airside A: JetBlue, Silver Airways, Spirit, United
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
A1 Silver C208 MYAM
A2 Silver C208 MYNN
A3 Silver C208 KFLL
@captainflight A4 United 757-200 KIAD
@jackxtreme_48 A5 United 737-800 KDEN
A6 United A320 KORD
A7 United 737-900 KSFO
@the_homeless_dorito A8 United 737-800 KEWR
A9 United 737-900 KIAH
A10 Not In Use
@thomasthepro A11 JetBlue A321 KJFK
@chase_smith1 A12 JetBlue ERJ-190 KHPN
@nolan_brant12 A14 JetBlue A320 TJSJ
A15 Spirit A320 KCMH
A16 Spirit A320 KLBE
A17 Spirit A320 KIND
A18 Spirit A321 KACY
Airside C: Alaska, Southwest, Sun Country
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
@gavin_cx C30 Southwest 737-800 KMDW
C31 Southwest 737-800 KISP
@314.jets C32 Southwest 737-800 KSTL
C33 Southwest 737-700 KMKE
C34 Southwest 737-700 KSDF
C35 Southwest 737-700 KRIC
C36 Southwest 737-800 KDEN
C37 Southwest 737-700 KMCI
C38 Southwest 737-800 KBWI
@populeux_music C39 Southwest 737-700 KATL
C40 Southwest 737-700 KPVD
C41 Southwest 737-700 MUHA
@andrewsunde C42 Southwest 737-800 KDAL
C43 Southwest 737-700 KBNA
C44 Sun Country 737-800 KMSN
@m_hartwich C45 Alaska 737-900 KSEA
Airside E: Delta, Frontier
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
@bryan4558 E62 Delta 757-200 KATL
@Delta319 E64 Delta 767-300 EHAM
@Jetcentric E65 Delta A321 KLGA
@guxk E66 Delta A321 KJFK
E67 Delta A321 KDTW
@cptcalvin437 E68 Delta A319 KBOS
@gavin_i E69 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KRDU
E70 Delta 737-900 KLAX
E71 Delta 737-800 KSEA
E72 Frontier A320 KSYR
E73 Frontier A320 KCVG
@pingu E74 Frontier A321 KCLE
E75 Frontier A320 KTTN
Airside F: Air Canada, American, British Airways, Cayman Air, Copa, WestJet
Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
@viperslam F78 American A320 KPHX
@ord777flyer F79 American 737-800 KORD
F80 American 737-800 KMIA
@qantas1689 F81 American A320 KPHL
@kind9624 F82 American A320 KCLT
F83 WestJet 737-800 CYYZ
@brody_swiatek F84 American A321 KDFW
F85 Cayman Air 737-700 MWCR
F86 American A321 KDCA
@udeme_ekpo F87 Copa 737-800 MPTO
@alessio_ghetti F88W British Airways 777-200ER EGKK
F89 WestJet 737-700 CYYT
@kk.aviation F90W Lufthansa A340-600 EDDF

Cargo Airlines

Pilot Gate Airline Equipment Destination
Apron 01 FedEx MD-11F KMEM
Apron 02 Air Transport International 767-300 KCVG
Apron 03 Southern Air 737-800 KRFD
Apron 04 UPS 767-300 KSDF
More gates can be added if need be.

Gates Map

How to request your gate:

Please provide the following:
The gate you want

If you are changing the route, please additionally provide the following:


Oooo me likey… gate E65 please


Can I take E74 to Cleveland?

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@Jetcentric gate E65 ✅
@Pingu gate E74 ✅

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I am not sure if I can make this because it’s a long ways away but I’ll take the Cayman flight.

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C30 to midway please

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@Devin_Stock gate F85 ✅
@Gavin_cx gate C30 ✅

this but delta

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@Guxk gate E66 ✅

Nice event Ethan! I’ll be taking Gate E69, see you there! ✈️

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@Gavin_I gate E69 ✅

United A320 to ORD

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@ORD777flyer gate A6 ✅

Thank you sir

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Can I get this one?

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@PilotChrisSG gate E67 ✅
I have changed your aircraft to the A319 for realism purposes

I will take this gate please thank you

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@Udeme_Ekpo gate F87 ✅

Ok that’s fine! :)

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Ooooh another flyout at my home airport. I will take this gate. Quick question. Can we file our own flight plan?

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