21JUN20 / 0300Z - Chicago to Tokyo over Europe

  • Aircraft and Livery: any U.S 787 carrier

  • Route: copy in sim

  • Time of Departure: 2020-06-21T03:00:00Z

  • Server: Training



Hi there!

Seems like a fun group flight! Just a minor correction, 4 AM GMT is 12 AM ET and 11 PM CT ;) .

Are you sure I just checked again this is in three hours and currently it is 1:37 GMT

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Unless this is altered due to daylight savings time.

Edit: It is currently 12:38 or 0038Z.

You are correct my bad

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Hello! Super sorry I can not make it, rn I am doing a flight that ends in 4 hours :(

However, if you want to make another group flight tomorrow, I can make it

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If you can push it back 1 day I can make it

Same here (10 letters)

I don’t know I might change the route then because of winds

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Tomorrow I am free from all day tomorrow

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10/10 English there 😂 @myself

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Yeah any ideas of some long routes longer than London to Sydney

Let me do some research :)

They wouldn’t be any real routes I was thinking maybe Dublin to Auckland

Also @Aviation_Aron I am still up for doing this route today if you want

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I would be totally down, but unfortunately I was pushed back to grade 2 for a false report before they recently reworked the reporting system.

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@Aviation_Aron We can do it in training server

Can I join

Of course I’m going to spawn in 5 minutes

What terminal and gate