21JUL20 / 0800Z - Helicopterzzz’s First Group Flight @ LIRF To TBPB


Jetphotos @ Flavio García

Welcome to my first group flight! Hope you can join and have a safe and realistic flight. The next information is about the departure airport and arrival

About LIRF


About TBPB


  • 777-200 Alitalia


  • 2020-07-21T08:00:00Z

  • Training

  • Additional Information:

  • Respect ATC Or Unicom

  • Copy My FlightPlan

  • Climb Direct FL380 - Mach 0.83 - Decent Vía VNAV (if you don’t want to use it decent at your discretion without causing a collision midair) - Below FL270 speed 235 (Flaps and speed down to glide slope at your discretion)

  • I’ll be at Terminal 3 Gate 705 ( Display Name: McQueen The Buddy)

  • Enjoy, Have Fun


I will join at T3 gate 704

Thanks, see you there

Pushback in 30 minutes

So far @CaptainBarney I will put you in a group chat and if anybody joins I will add you


In The Air. Thanks @CaptainBarney for joining

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