21JUL/1745Z London to Munich @ EGLL - EDDM

  • Aircraft and Livery: B757-200 TUI

  • Route: EGGL-EDDM

  • Time of Departure: 1745ZULU

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: / I am at Terminal 3, Gate 328 Cruise ATL FL330, SPD 0.85m

Hi @BillKadeHD

pushback in 1min, copy my flightplan

Fuel: 10509 kg 23167 Lbs

im here ready for boarding

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copy my flightplan

vs 4000 ALT 33000 SPD under 10000FT 255 over 10000FT 0.85m

i will fly with vnav @BillKadeHD

i will fly slowly and wait for you

lets change ALT to 25000

@BillKadeHD nice perfect 8nm away from each other. thx for flying with me

you are welcome

im going .85

what speed should i go on descent

0.85 and at 13000ft go to 245 and decent with vnav

ok i will also go .85

its very windy up here

yes its really very windy

i am now going 255

Yes i also