21JAN24: The Helsinki Flyout


Welcome to The Helsinki Flyout hosted by @Butter575. Helsinki is the largest city in Finland located along the coast of the Gulf of Finland and its main airport located just north of the main city is home to the flag carrier of Finnair. Join me as I once again try to fill up Helsinki Vantaa International.

Event Specifics

Expert Server




Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
05 Finnair A321 Oulu @Apple_Haye
06 Finnair E190 Reserved for: @QatariVirtual
07 Finnair E190 Reserved for: @QatariVirtual
08 Finnair E190 Reserved for: @QatariVirtual
09 Finnair E190 Reserved for: @QatariVirtual
10 Finnair E190 Reserved for: @QatariVirtual
11 Finnair A321 Copenhagen @Bay_Area_Aviation
12 Finnair A321 Innsbruck
13 Finnair A319 Split @United403
14 Lauda A320 Vienna
15 Iberia A321 Madrid
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
16 Eurowings A320 Berlin
17 Norwegian 737-800 Gatwick
18 Norwegian 737-800 Oslo
19 SAS A320 Stockholm
20 Air Baltic BCS3 Riga
21 KLM E190 Amsterdam
22 Finnair E190 Hamburg
23 Finnair E190 Copenhagen @Olivia12
24 Sunclass A321 Skiathos
25 Aegean A320 Athens
26 Lufthansa A321 Munich @RagonDragon
27 Air France BCS3 Paris
28 Vueling A320 Barcelona
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
40 Finnair A350-900 Singapore
42 Finnair A350-900 Phuket
43 Finnair A350-900 London @Ben_Walsh
44 Finnair A350-900 Los Angeles
45 Finnair A350-900 Dallas Fort Worth
46 Finnair A330-300 New York @Crunchymonkey12345
47 Finnair A350-900 Hong Kong
48 Juneyao Air 787-9 Shanghai @KattasiumAviation
49 Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo @Andy_Garrett
52 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul
53 Pegasus 737-800 Antalya @CPT_MUNIR_YUSUF


Atis: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575



This please

You are added

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This please

You both have been added

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To Riga please

What airline and aircraft will you be using?

Air Baltic BSC3

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This please!

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Are we obliged to take the planes recommender?

Its spelled Vilnius, also ill take this one

My bad lol

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You are more than welcome to change the airline, aircraft or destination as long as it’s realistic

ok, so i’d like to take: gate 27 AF A220 paris pls :)

Sure thing.

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I can not attend anymore

Ok no problem

Can I get this

I’ll take this