21JAN23 | 1900Z | Massive Portugal Flyout @LPPR DEPARTED

cant wait to see them

I have now reached FL370 in my 757

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how long is your flight?

I don’t land u til 9:27 PM EST so about 7 and a half

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wow not too bad i suppose thats 8:27 my time

here are some photos

and here are the rest

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5:44 left for me

Hey! I’m back on my regular account now. Here’s my photos!

At the gate

Waiting in line


Wingview over Northern Portugal

Touchdown in Bristol!

Parked up at the gate after a 1h 50min flight

Thanks @United403 for hosting this event! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
Also thanks to @Butter575 for the ATC service at Porto, that really helped and you did very well! Thanks everyone!


Just arrived in Munich thanks again for the great flyout here are some pictures


So ummm I fell asleep before I landed ran out of fuel and crashed into the White House


Sounds like fun!


Are you sure you “fell asleep” lol


Oh ok lol well at least you still got your xp some sims don’t give it to you if you crash

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