21JAN23 | 1900Z | Massive Portugal Flyout @LPPR DEPARTED

will do once i land

Please make sure to check out my other events that are on my profile

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I’ll post pictures in a few hours when I land

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Just hopped off frequency

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No problem thanks again for the great fly out see you on the next one!

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thanks for controlling

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Here are my next events

may i ask a quick question

Make sure to check out my 2 events listed below! It would make my day if you signed up

Here are my photos! Everyone is featured in at least one!


Sure go ahead

Bonus photo:


how do you set up an event like the format?

I can pm you the template I use

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that would be great!thanks

Also check out my all United hub Flyout :)

How can I get that from my ATC session?

Go into the replay. On the big map press on each plane and it says (example):

Filter: General575

Okay thanks

I’ll post some photos once I land