21JAN23 / 1200Z - Spring Festival Special Event @ZBAA to VHHH

Hi everyone! Last year, we flew from VMMC (Macau) to ZBAA (Beijing). This year, let us fly from Beijing to HongKong. It’s a very classic route and CXVA held an event last year from VHHH to Beijing, so this event will be the return trip of it. Let’s make it happen!

  • Server: Expert Server
    Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!

  • Time: 2023-01-21T12:00:00Z2023-01-21T15:00:00Z

  • Route: ZBAA → VHHH > Beijing to HongKong <

  • Expected Flight Time: 3h

  • Aircraft/Livery Recomended:
    Aircraft: A350
    Livery: China Southern or Cathay Pacific


In the real world, CX operates it on the A330, but to make this event more interesting, let’s do it on A350.


More details will be announced on JAN 20 th.

We are useing T3D and T3C mainly. If those terminals are full, I will add the gates in T3E which is used as international departures in real life.

Becouse of some VO ARE NOT IFVARB Approved so their name will be replaced as VO1, etc.

If you are not one of any VA/VO in this form, you can sign up by IFC.

Gate Pilot Signup ways
Gate 408 @Simon_Guo1 VO1 Reserved
Gate 409 @CES9943 VO1 Reserved
Gate 410 @JL.Dominic VO1 Reserved
Gate 411 @Berlin_N VO1 Reserved
Gate 413 @SolaRDu VO1 Reserved
Gate 407 @flightspace CZVG Reserved
Gate 406 @Yang-le-duo CZVG Reserved
Gate 405 @PSTweeee CZVG Reserved
Gate 403 @BlueSky CZVG Reserved
Gate 401 @Chengdu.Peng CZVG Reserved
Gate 331 @JiamingL Public
Gate 335 @SteveAirched Public
Gate 336 @Butter575 Public
Gate 337 @zcy Public
Gate 308 @RedWings Public
Gate 307 @Kurtis Public
Gate 303 @Zeng_Tom Public
Gate 302 @GeorgeQ Public
Remote Gate 455 @calaviation Public
Remote Gate 463 @Mxmom Public
REMOTE 361 @GearBiscuit-4025 Public
Add more if need

We expect to have IFATC to control the traffic.
Please improve your ATC communication skills if you are not good at it.
Make sure you know how to communicate with the controller or you will be reported if you make mistakes.

ZBAA GTS: @black
ZBAA Radar: No need for now
VHHH GTS: @Piggywu
VHHH Radar: No need for now

Special thanks to them!

We use 2 ways to sign up.

The first and the most recommended:

Click the button above and you will be auto redirected to the form.

After signing up, I will plan you a gate ASAP if you fill the IFC name in correctly.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.

The second way is to reply this thread with the sign-up way you want to chose, if you don’t mention it, I’ll add you by the sign up way of IFC.

If you want to sign up for ATC, PM me at any time.

In case to make sure you won’t miss any important information, please change this thread’s status from “Normal” to “Tracking” or “Watching”.


-Thread prepared by @Simon_Guo1


New event! Thanks Simon for working on these amazing event!❤️❤️

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wonderful event!Our honor to spread Chinese culture and it’ll be such an unforgettable memory to celebrate Chinese new year while flying in the sky of IF!

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It’s my pleasure to bring these amzing events to IFC!

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It sure is!

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Good event!Can’t wait to fly in this event!

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Looking forward to seeing you at the Capital of China!

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I sign-up!


Welcome aboard!
We’ve got 4 sign-ups guys! Keep working!

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Can I use this but as a CX a330 (Cathay pacific) I can use a350 if needed though

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Sure, I will sign you up later, busy rn.

Great event!


Would like to join?

already signed up lol


lmao forgive me

I hope such an event as I‘m eager to will be of great success!


Hello, I will take this

Welcome aboard!

We’ve got 13 sign ups!

Gate 307 please :)

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