21hrs Cardiff to Samoa

Last night I was wondering how far I could fly from my local airport EGFF or Cardiff on one tank of fuel in the 777-200LR. I realised the furthest 3D airport (witching first estimation of fuel range) was Apia Faleolo airport NSFA in Samoa. I flew on casual server as I wasn’t willing to risk any violations in the event it all went wrong, the flight left Cardiff at 02:50BST and arrived 00:01 the next day in Samoa with a rather considerable amount of fuel remaining, around 11 more hours according to the game, so I probably could have made it a lot further but I decided to call it a day.

I hope you enjoy these screenshots I took when flying this discovery flight, Thanks, Captain Jones!

Holding short of runway 30 at Cardiff while a BA 77W Lands

Gear up as we depart

Cruising at FL410 above the Atlantic

2 screenshots for you as the Samoan island enters sight

On final in Samoa with some beautiful water below

Exiting the runway after a choppy landing

Parked at the gate with the ground services connected ready to reload and return

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