21FEB21 / 1600Z - Ocean, Mountains, and LATAM @ SCEL

The Santiago Flyout!

Hosted by @Aviation108

Welcome / Bienvenidos to Santiago!

Santiago is the capitol city of Chile, and a major South American city. Aviation wise, it offers flights to assorted South American, Central American, North American, and European destinations! Situated between the mighty Andes mountain range, and the Pacific Ocean, it is a truly beautiful city!

About The Airport

El Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benitez se empezó a serviciar destinos sudamericanos… no Spanish for you? Ok, fine. Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport opened in 1967, with one runway, 17/35. Currently, it has 2, 17L/35R, and 17R/35L. It currently operates as a civilian and military airfield, with the Fuerza Aérea de Chile having some KC-135’s and C-130’s based there. It serves as a hub for Chilean airlines JetSmart, Sky Airline, and LATAM Chile. Located 1,555 feet (474 meters) above mean sea level, it served more than 8,500,000 passengers in 2020.

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Date: 2021-02-21T16:00:00Z
Airport: SCEL
Pushback Time: 1600Z

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Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
G15 LATAM A359 LEMD - Madrid Barajas
G16 Iberia A359 LEMD - Madrid Barajas
G17 KLM B772ER EHAM - Amsterdam Schipol
G18 Delta A333 KATL - Atlanta @plane_guy12
G19 American B772ER (OneWorld) KMIA - Miami @The_Real_Plane_Spott
G20 United B789 KIAH - Houston Intercontinental @themightycj
G21 Air France B77W LFPG - Paris Charles De Gaulle
G22 British Airways B789 EGLL - London Heathrow @SsCaptain2311
G23 Aeromexico B788 MMMX - Mexico City Benito Juarez
G24 LAN B763 SCIP - Mataveri @Icengelbre
G25 Aerolíneas Argentinas B738 SAEZ - Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini
G26 LATAM A320 SUMU - Montevideo Carrasco
G27 Air Canada B77W CYYZ - Toronto Pearson
G28 LATAM B789 YSSY - Sydney

Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C01 LATAM A320 SLVR - Santa Cruz Viru Viru Intl’
C02 LATAM A320 SGAS - Asunción Silvio Pettirossi
C03 LATAM A319 SBGR - São Paulo Guarulhos
C04 LATAM A319 SPJC - Lima Jorge Chaves
C05 LATAM B789 KLAX - Los Angeles
E01A Avianca A320 SKBO - Bogota El Dorado
E03 LATAM A320 SCFA - Antofagasta Andres Sabella
E05 LATAM A319 SEGU - Guayaquil Jose Joaquin
E06 LATAM A319 SLLP - La Paz El Alto

Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
RS A02 LATAM A320 SCSE - La Serena-La Florida
RS A03 LATAM A320 SCCF - Calama El Loa
RS A04 LATAM A320 SCAR - Arica Chacalluta
RS A05 LATAM A320 SCTE - Puerto Montt El Tepual
RS 29 LATAM A320 SCIE - Concepcion - Carriel Sur
RS 30 LATAM A320 SCIE - Concepcion - Carriel Sur
RS 31 LATAM A320 SCGE - Maria Dolores
RS 32 LATAM A320 SPJC - Lima Jorge Chavez
RS W01 LATAM B789 SBGR - São Paulo Guarulhos
RS W02 LATAM B789 SKBO - Bogota El Dorado
RS W03 LATAM B789 NZAA - Auckland Intl’
RS W04 LATAM B789 SCIP - Mataveri @Aviation108
RS W05 LATAM B789 EDDF - Frankfurt
RS W06 Iberia A333 (Generic Livery) LEBL - Barcelona El Prat
RS W07 LATAM B789 KMIA - Miami
RS W08 LATAM A320 SAEZ - Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini @Matei_G
RS W09 LATAM A320 SCVD - Valdivia Pichoy
RS 23L Copa B738 MPTO - Panama CIty Tocumen
RS 24L LATAM A319 SCBA - Balmaceda
RS 25L LATAM A320 SCCI - Punta Arenas Carlos Ibanez @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL

Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
CA 40 UPS MD-11F SEQM - Quito Mariscal Sucre
CA 41 UPS MD11F KSDF - Louisville Muhammad Ali
CA 42 FedEx 77F KMEM - Memphis
CA 43 FedEx 77F KMSY - New Orleans
CA 44 Cargolux 748 ELLX - Luxembourg
CA 45 Nippon Cargo 748 KLAX - Los Angeles
CA 46 LAN Cargo 77F SBKP - Campinas Viracopos @Half-Aviation
CA 47 UPS MD11 KONT - Ontario

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  • Act professional at all times
  • Please spawn 15 minutes prior to pushback time
  • Use of SIDS are recommended and preferred
  • ENJOY!

I am not responsible for any violations/reports you may receive

A PM will be made for all of the participants 3 days prior to the event!


Hey can I get gate G19 to Miami please?

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Thank you for signing up!

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can i take this

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Thanks for signing up!

No flights to COR?

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There currently aren’t any direct flights to Cordoba from Santiago

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Uff, Ok. Thank you (those restrictions in ARG)

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May I have this

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Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your flight!

LATAM A350 to Madrid would be great

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Thanks for signing up! Enjoy your flight to Spain!

is it possible to change? would take instaed the flight to the easter islands?!

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You’ve been switched!

G25 Aerolíneas Argentinas B738 SAEZ - Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini
Could I get this one plz?

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You are signed up! Enjoy your flight!

Hey! Can I get the flight to Punta Arenas?

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Hi can I grab this gate please?

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@IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @themightycj
You are both signed up! Enjoy your flight!

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There are plenty of gates here! Santiago offers the longest nonstop flights from Europe! BA, AF, and Swiss have their longest routes going to Santiago!