21FEB21 / 0300Z - Long Hauls From Tel Aviv: Presented By El Al Virtual @ LLBG

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Welcome to our second ever hosted El Al Virtual Tel Aviv fly out! This is our home, so we obviously had to do another event here. The theme of this event is going to be long haul El Al Virtual flights! These flights are the flagship routes serviced by El Al, operated by the 777-200 along with the beautiful 787 aircraft. Whether itโ€™s to the big apple of New York or to the sunny beaches of Miami, El Al has you covered with the best long haul routes!

Founded on May 6, 2020, El Al Virtual was established to make flying in the virtual skies fun, professional, and free. We offer the best staff, plenty of codeshares, and one of the most high-tech crew center and integrated websites out there! Please visit our thread for more information!

Server: Expert
Time: 2021-02-21T03:00:00Z

Airport Chart and Map

Class: Bravo
Airport Elevation: 134โ€™

Runway Dimensions
03/21 9,094โ€™ x 197โ€™
08/26 13,327โ€™ x 148โ€™
12/30 10,210โ€™ x 148โ€™


B Gates (Asia & Oceania)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
B2 Bangkok B772, B789
B3 Hong Kong B789
B4 Hong Kong B789
B5 Shanghai B789
B6 Shanghai B789
B7 Beijing B789
B8 Beijing B789
B9 Perth B789
C Gates (Africa)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
C5 Seychelles B789 @BritishAirways001
C6 Seychelles B789
C7 Johannesburg B772
C8 Johannesburg B772
D Gates (North America)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
D2 New York City B789
D3 New York City B789
D4 Newark B789 @Z-Tube
D5 Newark B789 @Nee
D6 Miami B789
D7 Miami B789 @Nightt
D9 Las Vegas B789 @Canadian_Aviator
E Gates (More North America/Middle East)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
D3G Larnaca B738
D4G Dubai B739, B789 @Angel_Chappy
D5G Dubai B739, B789 @CaptainZac
D6G New York (JFK) B789
D7G New York (JFK) B789
D8G Los Angeles B789 @lew1s_h02
D9G Los Angeles B789 @HarryH1
E2G Orlando 789
West Stands (More Destinations)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
WH1 Mumbai B788 @Mafiaviation
WH2 Mumbai B788
WH3 London (LHR) B789
WH4 London (LHR) B789
WH5 Paris B789 @Aviation2929
WH6 Paris B789
WH7 Johannesburg B772, B789
WH8 Perth B789
WH8 Perth B789
East Stands (More Destinations)
Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
EH1 San Francisco B789
EH2 San Francisco B789
EH3 Orlando B789 @PilotPeanutButter
EH4 Orlando B789 @uh.dxvid
EH5 Boston B772
EH6 Boston B772
EH7 Toronto B789 @Canadan
EH8 Toronto B789
EH 9 Chicago B789

El Al Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. and are used under a license from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

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This looks like fun!

Iโ€™ll take D9 to Vegas!

You are all signed up @Canadian_Aviator!

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Ill take Gate D7 to Miami!

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All yours @Nightt

Requesting the following gate!

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You got it!

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D4 to Newark, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Iโ€™ll surely take a nice flight over to Orlando!

You got it, boss :)

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All yours!

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This one please thanks !

You got it @Nee

โ€œDโ€ Gates are full!

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this one please

LLBG-KLAX on the generic B789 please! Iโ€™ll take any gate and will be representing LYVA.

Harry He

All yours!

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You have also been added

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Can I get this gate?

All yours @BritishAirways001!

Thanks @elal-virtual

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