21DEC20 / 1800Z - The Official First VORG Flyout! @ KSFO


The VORG SFO Flyout!


What is VORG?

The VORG, or Virtual Organization Rainbow Group, is an unofficial virtual organization where we use solid colors are our profile pics. Our CEO @Rolls started this organization back in September, when the iconic “traffic light” pattern was created. Starting from a small PM to a 10000 reply group chat, our (unofficial) organization is about to celebrate our fourth month anniversary, with our first public flyout! Feel free to contact our moderators if you have any questions or if you want to join VORG!

Our Moderators:

CEO/Leader/Facts god- @Rolls
COO- @Ethan_Lee1
CFO- @NuggetFornia
Resident Cat- @Tsumia
Resident kpop fan/Head Artist - @Adrian_K
Resident Turkey- @KTJ_Mitchell
Resident Austrian (which is not actually Austrian) - @Austrian001
KSTS fan-@Flightistic
Brazilian advisors- @AvioesEJogos & @GBKarp
Aviationer- @Aviationer

Why SFO?

Because of a dicta-democratic vote

Actually why SFO

San Francisco International Airport is the main airport serving the San Francisco bay area. It serves 62 airlines, and operates to destinations as close as San Jose, and as far as Bangalore, India. Its four terminals accommodate 118 gates, making it the seventh busiest airport in the United States. In 2019, over 57 million people passed through this airport, boarding almost 500,000 flights, and transporting a total of almost 550,000 tons of cargo. These terminals are full of amazing restaurants and shops. In fact, this airport is home to some of the best restaurants and bars San Francisco has to offer. Its luxurious terminal 3 is home to the SFO Museum, which opened in 1980. This exhibit has over twenty galleries, and even includes a model of a DC-3. Some people even admit to arriving at KSFO early to admire the artwork. Transportation to this airport is abundant, with the BART service transporting people around the airport. Caltrain operates rides to Millbrae station, where people can connect to the BART train. Buses carry people into and out of the airport around the clock, establishing reliable connections.

A Bit of History

Mills Field opened on March 15, 1927. At that time, the airport was nothing more than a cow pasture. Airlines arrived there six years later, with Maddux Air Lines and Western Air Express operating flights to Los Angeles. United Airlines quickly became a main operator in the small field, with mainline service to Los Angeles and New York beginning in 1937. By the 1940s, about 18 flights operated out of SFO daily, 17 United, and 1 TWA.

In 1939, Pacific Seaboard Airlines began operating a surfliner route along the California coast. Delta Air Lines acquired PSA in 1953, supplying this quirky airline with its first international route. By the late 1950s, Delta was flying international routes to the Caribbean, using their Convair 880 jets. International flights had actually begun back in 1946, when Australian National Airways and British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines began operations to Australia using DC-4s via Honolulu, Nadi, and Auckland. These pistons were eventually replaced by jets, and more advanced pistons. TWA used their L-1649s on European routes, while Qantas took over the Sydney route with their B707, via Honolulu and Nadi. By the 1960s, San Francisco was a stopover in one of the first commercial round the world flights, operated by BOAC and their adorable Bristol Brittanias. Lufthansa and Japan Airlines were not far behind, offering a flight to Frankfurt via Montreal and Paris on their own B707s, along with nonstop flights to Tokyo on their long range DC-8s. Braniff began service as Pan American-Grace Airways with flights to Buenos Aires on their DC-8. By the 1970s Canadian Pacific began flights all through Canada.

Boeing 707s, DC-8s, and Convair 880 were not only used for international routes, however. Domestic transcontinental flights began in 1954, with United Airlines’ new DC-7 mainliner. Flights by TWA, American, United, Pacific Air began to fill up domestic slots using piston aircraft and B707s. In the 1960s, DC-9s began to take over Coastal flights to Oregon and Washington, while Fairchilds’ F-27 began interstate flights. Flights to the east sped up, as new B707 took over transcontinental flights. Delta used the Convair 880s on flights to New Orleans and Miami. Pacific Southwest Airlines arrived at KSFO in 1960, with flights to Los Angeles county using their L-188s. With the addition of L-1011s and B727s in the 1970s, flights to Hawaii and the midwest commenced. Air California was another major airline, operating hops to Los Angeles.

Today, the four terminals and their respective eight concourses accommodate flights to all over the world, with over 1000 departures daily, pre COVID. San Francisco has established itself as a large airport, with 62 airlines serving it. Sturdy shuttle and rail connections secure a way to get to this airport. Transporting over 60 million passengers every year on average, we have decided that this airport will be the scene for our first VORG flyout


Event Info

Server: Expert

Time: 1800Z


This Fly-Out will be different, as we will be flying to our members home towns.

KSTS Gates

Courtesy of @Flightistic

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
F81 KSTS CRJ7 United @Flightistic
F83 KSTS 738 American
F85 KSTS 738 Delta
San Diego Gates!

Courtesy of @Rolls.

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
F88 KSAN A320 United
F86 KSAN A320 American
F84 KSAN A320 Spirit
F82 KSAN A320 Frontier
F80 KSAN A320 United
F79 KSAN A320 US Airways @rolls
F77C KSAN A320 Vigin America @deltafox
Other US destinations
Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
C40 KEWR 77W United @Evan_22
C42 KJFK 772 American
C44 KLGA A321 Spirit
C46 KPHL 752 American @zion89
C48 KIAD 767 American
C47 KCLT A321 Frontier
C45B KATL 739 Delta
C45A KATL 767 Delta
C43 KDFW 752 American @gameboy_KIRB
C41 KIAH 738 United @Mukundan_Srivatsa
D50A KSEA 739 Alaska @gbkarp
D50B KSEA A321 United
D51 KORD 738 Southwest @reminordic
D57 KORD 763 United @KTJ_Mitchell
D53 KPHX A320 American
D54A KLAX 737 Southwest
D54B KLAX A319 JetBlue
D55 KMIA 752 Allegiant
D56 KMCO A321 Spirit
SBGR Gates!

Courtesy of @GBKarp and @AvioesEJogos!

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
G95 SBGR 787-10 Avianca

Courtesy of @Tsumia

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
G99X EGKK 787 Virgin Atlantic
G101 EGKK 789 Norweigian
G102 EGLL 773 British Airways
G100 EGLL 787 United

Courtesy of @NuggetFornia

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
G98 VVNB A359 Vietnam Airlines
G96 VVNB 789 VietnamAirlines
G94 VVNB 77W United
G92 VVCR A359 Vietnam Airlines
A12 VVTS 789 Vietnam Airlines @NuggetFornia
Hong Kong/Kai Tai

Courtesy of @Ethan_Lee1

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
A04 VHHX 742 Pan am @airliner
A06 VHHH A359 Cathay Pacific
A08 VHHH 77W Cathay Pacific
A10 VHHH 77W Cathay Pacific @alex_kraz
D52 VHHH 77W United

Courtesy of @Austrian001

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
D57 KATL 739 Delta
D58 KATL 738 Delta
D59 KATL 738 American
Bangalore Gates!

Courtesy of @Ritesh321

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
A07 VOBL 77L Air India @ritesh321
A05 VOBL 789 United
A03 VOBL 77L Crystal @tunamkol
Fiji/NFFN Gates!

Courtesy of @Adrian_K

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
G103 Fiji A359 Generic/Carbon livery
G104 Auckland 77W Air New Zealand
G105 Fiji 742 EAA 50th

Courtesy of @Alex_Kraz

Gate Destination Airplane Airline Pilot
A11 LFBD 78X Air France
A10 LFBD 78X Air France

Keep in mind some routes may not be real because @Ritesh321 tried to incorporate all airlines.


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If you want to join the VORG, please contact one of our wonderful staff!

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Actually, ask our supreme leader @Rolls

While we aren’t planning on becoming an official VO, we do plan on making a website sometime in the future.

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