21cabbage ATC tracking thread [Closed]

Please give me feedback on my controlling :)

KDCA TS1 (Closed) come out and fly!

I’ll be there shortly NSAM15

i will be there at 5:00 eastern time callsign Delta 653

I can join in 5 minutes. Nasa 1

TS1 is training server am i right?

Here is some useful feedback for you:

  • Don’t forget to sequence aircrafts!! You didn’t sequence both times.

  • When you have already cleared me for the option, no need to clear me again when I report full stop.

  • Remember to give exit clearance to each and every aircraft

And 1 small question: How can you open both Tower/Ground and Approach simultaneously 🤨??

21 cabbage I am going to be at KDCA in about 20 minutes

I didn’t open appr 😂

Probably a bug then. Back on topic now :)

KNUC TS1 (Closed) come and fly

LFPG TS1 closed come out and fly

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