21AUG21 / 1700Z - American Virtual Presents: The Windy City Flyout @ KORD


American Virtual Presents: The Windy City Flyout (KORD)

KORD's History

Designed to be the successor to Chicago’s Midway International Airport, nicknamed the “busiest square mile in the world,” O’Hare began as an airfield serving a Douglas manufacturing plant for C-54 military transports during World War II; it was named after Edward “Butch” O’Hare, the U.S. Navy’s first Medal of Honor recipient. O’Hare’s innovative design pioneered concepts such as concourses, direct highway access to the terminal, jet bridges, and underground refueling systems.

Chicago is a significant hub for AA, as it is features flights a multitude of flights within North America, Europe, and Asia. O’hare features stunning approaches and departures overlooking the surreal lake Michigan.

Image Credits: @fly.akm


Concourse G
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
G02 McGhee Tyson KTYS CRJ-200 1:13
G04 Fargo Hector KFAR CRJ-700 1:30
G06 Cherry Capital KTVC CRJ-700 0:50 @Tom_Jennings
G08 John Glenn Columbus KCMH CRJ-700 0:54
G10 Birmingham-Shuttlesworth KBHM CRJ-200 1:30 @cstep4, AAVA659
G12 Northwest Arkansas KXNA CRJ-200 1:25
G14 Windsor Locks KBDL CRJ-700 1:50
G14A Dayton KDAY CRJ-200 0:53
G16 Norfolk KORF CRJ-700 1:51 @parson
G18 Kansas City KMCI CRJ-700 1:05 @Maddix_M
G20 Oklahoma KOKC CRJ-700 1:45 @bbrockairbus
G21 Syracuse Hancock KSYR CRJ-200 1:20
G19A Charleston KCHS CRJ-700 1:45
G17 Colorado Springs KCOS CRJ-700 2:05
G13 Bangor KBGR CRJ-1000 2:00
G11 Greater Rochester KROC CRJ-700 1:20
G09 Columbia KCOU CRJ-700 1:05 @Arizona_Aviator
G07 Wichita KICT CRJ-700 1:20
G05 Rapid City KRAP CRJ-700 1:50
G03 Tulsa KTUL CRJ-700 1:25
G01A Richmond KRIC CRJ-700 1:30
Concourse H
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
H01A San Juan TJSJ B738 4:20 @SWAviator
H03A Miami KMIA B738 2:46 @Captain_Dreamliner
H04 Portland KPDX B738 3:53 @AIDAN101
H05 Denver KDEN B738 2:03 @HUMVEE
H06 Fairbanks PAFA A321 5:35 @nativetoalaska
H08 Dallas Forth Worth KDFW A321 1:50 @RyMan
H10 La Guardia KLGA A320 1:40 @plane_guy12, AAVA375
H11A Hewanorra TLPL A321 4:55 @BeaNeilson29
H12 Phoenix KPHX A321 3:00 @zion89
H14 San Francisco KSFO A321 3:57 @Captain_Young
H16 Los Angeles KLAX A321 3:30 @LookedTree
H18 Seatle KSEA A321 3:50 @AlaskaAirfireball111
H17 San Antonio KSAT B738 2:30 @El_YuainXD
H15 Fort Lauderdale KFLL B738 2:42 @Dlva158
H11B Ronald Reagan KDCA B738 1:20 @Blue_Diamond196
H09 Charlotte KCLT B738 1:20 @Captain_Prince_E AAVA704
Concourse L
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
L01 San Jose KSJC B738 4:26 @Aviation2929, AAVA299
L20 Santa Barbara KSBA A320 4:20 @Xaro
L22 Orange County KSNA B738 4:15 @Captain_T_Malone
L24 Los Cabos MMSD B738 4:10 @TechOps AAVA600
L02C Denver KDEN A321 2:35 @Mafia_Aviation, EYV003
L06 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 @ImButterThenYouEYV006
L02B Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L10A Denver KDEN A321 2:35 @Sierra_Golf, EYV216
L10B Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L10 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L11 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L09 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L07 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
L05 Denver KDEN A321 2:35 Reserved for EYVA
Concourse K
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
K06 New York KJFK B738 1:40 @Potato-Internet
K08 Fort Lauderdale KFLL B738 2:30 @IFC-HarrisArrieta
K10 Boston KBOS B738 1:50 @ORD777flyer
K18 Baltimore KBWI B738 1:30 @Emanuel_Jrs
K03 Houston KIAH A320 2:20 @Cpt_Bosnia
K12 Miami KMIA B772 2:30 @Toovie_Brafman, AAVA366
K16 London EGLL B789 7:10 @Dart,AAVA20
K19X París-Charles de Gaulle LFPG B789 7:55 @Aniket,EYV002
K15 Anchorage PANC B789 5:40 @True_Gamer_Moment, AAVA341
K13X Dublin EIDW B789 6:30 @Aviatorwyatt
K09 Honolulu PHNL B789 8:30 @Kbeemer
K05 Athens LGAV B789 9:50 @Captain Cloud
K02 Minneapolis KMSP A320 0:55 @Zach0301
K03 Los Angeles KLAX B738 4:40 Reserved for ATVA
K04 Los Angeles KLAX B738 4:40 Reserved for ATVA
K01 Los Angeles KLAX B738 4:40 Reserved for ATVA
Concourse M
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
M05 London-Heathrow EGLL B789 7:00 @LenguineD254, AAVA6
M07 Rome LIRF B772 9:55 @Moose0308 , AAVA7
M08 Brussels EBBR MD-11 7:25 @FlyerCharm, AAVA427
M09 London Heathrow EGLL B77W 7:00 @Zaid_Nasri
M10 Tokyo RJAA B772 12:35 @ThatOneKiwi
M13 Rome LIRF B789 9:55 @DhruvChopraAAVA136
M20 Vancouver CYVR B738 4:35 @Peanut_747AAVA445
M05A Dublin EIDW B788 7:15 @LucasaviationAAVA100
M06 Honolulu PHNL B789 8:40 @AmarKoric11
M15 Athens LGAV B789 9:40 @Chase_Smith1
M16 Athens LGAV B789 9:40
M17 Beijing ZBAA B788 13:20 @Harsh_kumar
M18A Shanghai ZSPD B788 14:15 @AviatiorMikey
M19 Barcelona LEBL B788 8:25 @LucasFil1


Event Start Time & Date: 2021-08-21T17:00:00Z

Airport: Chicago O’Hare International Airport (KORD)

Server: Expert


How to Sign Up:

Please sign up with your gate of choice and American Virtual callsign (if applicable).

Destinations not Listed:
If you’d like to fly to a destination that isn’t present above,
let us know and we will try to make the accommodation. Although, the flight must be an AA flight, and you must include your gate, destination, and aircraft.


American Virtual is a constantly growing and extremely active VA. We offer over 450+ destinations to explore, complimenting our large variety of aircraft. In addition to American Airlines’ vast amount of routes, AAVA also offers a large network of codeshare routes to fly, such as British Airways, Finnair, Iberia Airlines, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, and much more. We host many internal events throughout the week, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for all of our pilots! Join American Virtual, and fly with us as we are always Going For Great!

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Image Credits: @Vicone


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Hi! May I please have

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@Aviatorwyatt, you’re all set! Btw, what profile pic are you referring to? 😉

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Can I get the 738 to JFK please?

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Hello I’ll have this one pls!!

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Can I get this one please?

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Also is it 10am GMT?

@Potato-Internet, enjoy your flight to JFK. B738 is super fun!

@RyMan, all set. :)

@LookedTree, LAX is one of my favorites, especially the A321. Nonetheless, the event time is 5:00 PM GMT (or 17:00Z), I’m not sure why it’s saying 10:00 AM for you.

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Thank you this will be one of the best events I have attended!!

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Requesting this route please:

Can i get aircraft change to 787?

Can I have this gate

5pm works better but yeah it’s pretty weird, anyways thanks a lot!

I’ll settle with this slot, but destination swapped out for KPDX. Flight time for it would be 3hrs 53min (based off the latest flight that ran it)

Hey there,
I want to sign up for the event, please.
M09 Madrid LEMD A330 7:50
but there is no American airline livery in the A330 so what should I do.

American 007VA

M07 Hong Kong VHHH B77W 15:03


K12 Miami 772

You can use the Iberia livery, they have codeshare with AA.

American 006VA
M09 Madrid LEMD A330 7:50 pleaseeeee!!

Question, do rank restrictions apply?

But yeah, either way please sign me up for G12 to KXNA