21AUG21 / 1200Z - YouTuber Group Flight #3: Festival Season @YPAD - WSSS

Welcome to the sequel of the ‘YouTuber Group Flight Series’. Over the last week, @modernaviator, @Taking_to_the_Skies and @InfiniteArya have mutually worked to co-host this event: ‘Festival Season’.

Both, our departure and arrival locations, are specially known for their festive nature; hence, the name.

Information about each city:


Being Southern Australia’s capital, Adelaide brings with it a plethora of food varieties with premium wine regions just minutes from the town center. Adelaide International Airport (YPAD) managed a huge number of 8.5 million passengers in the year 2017-18.


Known for a totally different set of specialities, Singapore greenery and cleanliness blows people away with the lovely dining just being a cherry on the top. Singapore Changi Airport’s passenger movement in the year 2019 was a whopping 63 million!

Hosts: @InfiniteArya, @modernaviator & @Taking_to_the_Skies
Server: Training (Grade 2 Min. Requirement)
Route: YPAD - WSSS
Flight Time: 7 hours 15 minutes
Airplane: Qantas A330 / Singapore Airlines A330
Time of Departure: 2021-08-21T12:00:00Z
Time of Arrival: 2021-08-21T19:10:00Z

@InfiniteArya, @modernaviator & @Taking_to_the_Skies have YouTube Channels on which they upload ‘flight’-lapses of flown routes.

They will make video’s on this group-flight so do not miss out if you want to be featured!

At Adelaide International (YPAD), only 7 gates are available, of which 3 will be occupied by us hosts. Hence, there is a 15 minute wave for any surplus demand.

W1 and W2 signify ‘wave 1’ and ‘wave 2’ respectively.

Gate No. IFC Username (W1) Aircraft (W1) IFC Username (W2) Aircraft (W2)
T1 G16R @infinitearya Qantas A330
T1 G18R @modernaviator Qantas A330
T1 G20R @taking_to_the_skies Qantas A330
T1 G22R @anon57312879 Qantas A330
T1 Remote 28R @Wesley_Fry Qantas A330
T2 Remote @SeanAviation Qantas A330
T1 Remote 1 @american79 Qantas A330

Signing Up:

  • Either quote your demanded gate, or state it in your reply
  • Name the aircraft you will be using along with the livery

We really hope to see you there!

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Can I have this Gate please? I will use the Qantas A333 😁

Sure! Thanks for signing up :)

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This please with Qantas A330

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Great event guys! Sorry I won’t be able to attend unfortunately due to the timings. Hopefully I’ll be able to fly with you all next time


Nice event, can’t join cause I am really busy next week

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I’ll take this one please

A330 please

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Can I take this gate I will use Qantas A330

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Wave 1 gates have officially been used up. All new sign-ups will be assigned to gates in Wave 2.

Approximately 3 more days remaining! Sign-up now!

Event begins in appx. 4 hours!

Sorry @InfiniteArya I won’t be able to attend

No problem

@Wesley_Fry and @american79 please spawn in 20 minutes.

Oh I missed it sorry:(

One of my videos I made go check it out don’t forget to sub help me hit 1,000 subs pls 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Thanks everyone for the support pls make sure to sub thanks everyone

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