21APR24 | Shuttle Connection | Barcelona To Madrid Group Flight

I just thought because there is no departure or arrival procedures

VILA2D is the arrival procedure into Madrid, I have just updated it. It’s not mandatory to include an approach procedure as it’s “recommended” in the ATIS at Madrid. However, we have added an approach procedure to the FPL.

Thanks a lot

What runways will be used for departures and arrivals

Barcelona: RWY25L
Madrid: 32L

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Should we join the server now

To get flight plans sorted

I’m coming! Going to spawn in early to beat the rush

Ok so will I

Sure, all good mate :)

Oh nice! Thanks for joining :)

TAROM Virtual cannot attend anymore

Yup! Thinking about applying. :)

What about departure

Oh nice, we’re a very friendly VA! It would be great to have you on-board😉

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Depart Barcelona: 25mins.
Request pushback: 15mins.

No the Sid and is the departing runway 20

Yes, leave it as that. When you depart RWY25L and active LNAV it will go onto the waypoint. They do the same route IRL when departing RWY25L!

It’s very busy! Full ATC services, this is great.

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Yep, it’s excellent!