21APR22 / 1300Z - Basel Fly-out @ LFSB

Hey @AviationAlpha ! I see you made another one, just contact a moderater for closure if you want to close this one and keep the other

I have a question.I need to enter a time and date. Is it meant for when it is displayed. Because under upcoming events it is not displayed

Yes you have to put the zulu time in the topic title

Then it is displayed in upcoming events?

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Yes i’m pretty sure it would pop up. I have never done event so I would wait for some one else to help as well

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Can someone pin this?

Hey I can control TWR and GND for the duration of the event

How do I join?

Yes,you can.

Just write a message here about which route you want to fly. You can view it by clicking on Passenger Flights or Cargo Flights

Cami have the a321 to London Heathrow

Yes of course