[21 attending] {Partnered with Frontier Virtual and UPS Virtual} Independence Day Fly-Out @KPHL- 041800ZJUL19


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Why Philadelphia

To celebrate Independence Day, I’ve decided to host a fly-out event. Since Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence was signed, we will use KPHL, the city’s largest airport. You can fly to a vast number of airports in the US or fly long haul to Europe, Middle East, or South America.

Flyout Information

Flight Info

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)

Time: 2019-07-04T18:00:00Z


  • I cannot fit every route into a gate, if you’d like a gate that isn’t available then just make sure it’s a realistic route and request it. Airlines can be found here

  • Be professional, this is an expert server event

  • If ATC happens to be active, make sure to follow all directions

  • Have a great time

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KPHL)

Airlines & Aircraft
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Air Canada Express N/A E175, Crj-200
Alaska Airlines ASA A320, 737-900
American Airlines AAL A320, A321,A330 (generic), 737-800, 757-200, 767-300
American Eagle N/A Crj-200, Crj-700, Crj-900
British Airways BAW 747-400,777-200ER
Delta Airlines DAL A320, 717-200, 737-800, 737-900
Delta Connection N/A Crj-900
Frontier FFT A320, A321
JetBlue JBU A320, E190
Lufthansa DLH 747-400
Qatar Airways QTR 777-300
Southwest Airlines 737-700, 737-800
Spirit Airlines NKS A320, A321
United Airlines A320, 737-700, 737-800
United Express E170


A gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Attendee
Gate A4 AAL 737-800 Charlotte (KCLT) @Butter_Boi
Gate A10 AAL 757-200 St. Thomas (TIST) @Gtmkm98
Gate A12 AAL A321 Chicago (KORD) @Tomjet073
Gate A13 QTR 777-300 Doha (OTHH) @Patel2000
Gate A14 AAL 737-800 Boston (KBOS) @TylerShah
Gats A15 DLH 747-400 Frankfurt (EDDF) @Captain_JR
Gate A16 BAW 747-400 London (EGLL) @Altaria55
Gate A17 AAL 777-200ER Rome (LIRF) @AviationGaming (AAVA148)
Gate A18 AAL A330 Athens (LGAV) @FlyAndCrash
Gate A21 AAL A321 Dallas (KDFW) @Heyitxryan (AAVA 1094)
B gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Atendee
Gate B1 AAL E170 (generic) Columbus (KCMH)
Gate B2 AAL E175 (generic) Omaha (KOMA)
Gate B3 AAL E175 (generic) Savannah (KSAV)
Gate B4 AAL E175 (generic) Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Gate B5 AAL A321 Los Angeles KLAX) @SSGTRocky
Gate B6 AAL 737-800 Charlotte (KCLT)
Gate B7 AAL E190 Raleigh-Durham (KRDU)
Gate B8 AAL A321 Orlando (KMCO) @Nathen_Magana
Gate B9 AAL A321 Seattle (KSEA)
Gate B10 AAL A320 Phoenix (KPHX)
Gate B11 AAL A321 Dallas (KDFW)
Gate B13 AAL A321 San Diego (KDFW)
Gate B14 AAL A321 Ft Myers (KRSW)
Gate B15 AAL A321 Denver (KDEN)
Gate B16 AAL A320 Ft Lauderdale (KFLL)
C gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Atendee
Gate C17 AAL 737-800 Tampa (KTPA)
Gate C18 AAL A320 New Orleans (KMSY)
Gate C19 AAL A320 Atlanta (KATL)
Gate C20 AAL A320 Providence (KPVD)
Gate C21 AAL A321 Chicago (KORD)
Gate C22 AAL A320 Detroit (KDTW)
Gate C23 AAL A320 Cleveland (KCLE)
Gate C24 AAL A320 Pittsburgh (KPIT)
Gate C25 AAL 757-200 San Juan (TJSJ)
Gate C26 AAL A321 Cancun (MMUN)
Gate C27 AAL 757-200 St Martin (TNCM) @TheFlyingGuy1
Gate C28 AAL A320 Boston (KBOS)
Gate C29 AAL A320 Jacksonville (KJAX) @anon45500775
Gate C30 AAL A320 St Louis (KSTL)
Gate C31 AAL A320 Washington DC (KDCA) @baseball_inferno
D gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Atendee
Gate D1 ACA (Jazz) Crj-200 Montreal (CYUL)
Gate D2 UAL 737-900 Denver (KDEN)
Gate D3 UAL 737-800 Houston (KIAH)
Gate D4 ASA A320 Seattle (KSEA)
Gate D5 ACA (Jazz) Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate D6 UAL 737-900 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate D7 UAL 737-700 Chicago (KORD)
Gate D8 DAL 737-900 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
Gate D9 UAL A320 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate D10 DAL A319 Detroit (KDTW)
Gate D11 UAL 757-200 Denver (KDEN) @Bbethart
Gate D12 DAL (connection) Boston l(KBOS)
Gate D13 UAL A320 Chicago (KORD) @Rod_Pilli
Gate D14 DAL A319 Minneapolis (KMSP)
E gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Atendee
Gate E1 NKS A320 Las Vegas (KLAS) @Vidal99977
Gate E2 JBU E190 Boston (KBOS)
Gate E3 NKS A321 San Juan (TJSJ)
Gate E4 JBU A320 Ft Lauderdale (KFLL)
Gate E5 NKS A321 Ft Lauderdale (KFLL)
Gats E6 FFT A320 New Orleans (KMSY)
Gate E7 FFT A321 Ft Myers (KRSW) @Game_player
Gate E8 FFT A320 Austin (KAUS)
Gate E9 FFT A321 Punta Cana (MDPC) @Niccckk
Gate E10 FFT A321 Orlando (KMCO) @Airbus_737
Gate E11 SWA 737-700 Houston (KHOU)
Gate E12 SWA 737-800 Chicago (KMDW)
Gats E13 SWA 737-700 Dallas (KDAL)
Gate E14 SWA 737-700 Nashville (KBNA) @Luke_Sta
Gate E15 SWA 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) @GlobalFlyer1
Gate E16 SWA 737-800 St Louis (KSTL)
Gate E17 SWA 737-700 Atlanta (KATL)
F gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Atendee
Gate F1 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Syracuse (KSYR)
Gate F2 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Dayton (KDAY)
Gate F3 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 New Haven (KHVN)
Gate F4 AAL (eagle) Crj-700 Buffalo (KBUF)
Gate F5 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Greensboro (KGSO)
Gate F6 AAL (eagle) Crj-700 Madison (KMSN)
Gate F7 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Norfolk (KORF)
Gate F9 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Akron (KCAK)
Gate F11 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Salisbury (KSBY)
Gate F12 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Columbia (KCAE)
Gate F13 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 Myrtle Beach (KMYR)
Gate F14 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 Atlanta (KATL)
Gate F15 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Roanoke (KROA)
Gate F16 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Bangor (KBGR)
Gate F17 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 Albany (KALB)
Gate F18 AAL (eagle) Crj-700 Portland (KPWM)
Gate F19 AAL (eagle) Crj-700 Cincinatti (KCVG) @Destroyer350
Gate F20 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Ft Wayne (KFWA)
Gate F21 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Richmond (KRIC)
Gate F22 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate F23 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Ottawa (CYOW)
Gate F24 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 Savannah (KSAV)
Gate F25 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Wilmington (KILM)
Gate F26 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Rochester (KROC)
Gate F27 AAL(eagle) Crj-200 Allentown (KABE)
Gate F28 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Ithaca (KITH)
Gate F29 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Burlington (KBTV)
Gate F30 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Worchester (KORH)
Gate F31 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Scranton (KAVP)
Gate F32 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Erie (KERI) @Trio
Gate F33 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Newburgh (KSWF)
Gate F34 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Williamsport (KIPT)
Gate F35 AAL (eagle) Crj-200 Baltimore (KBWI) @Matthew_20204
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Attendee
UPS Apron 1 UPS MD-11F Louisville (KSDF)
UPS Apron 2 UPS MD-11F Chicago (KRFD)
UPS Apron 3 UPS MD-11F Cologne (EDDL)
UPS Apron 4 UPS A330F Tampa (KTPA @Koby_Thomas
UPS Apron 5 UPS 757 Columbia (KCAE)
UPS Apron 6 UPS MD-11F Ontario (KONT)
UPS Apron 7 UPS MD-11F Hartford (KBDL)
UPS Apron 8 UPS MD-11F Albany (KALB)
UPS Apron 9 UPS MD-11F Minneapolis (KMSP)
UPS Apron 10 UPS MD-11FPittsburgh (KPIT)
UPS Apron 11 UPS 757 Richmond (KRIC)
UPS Apron 12 UPS MD-11F Buffalo (KBUF)

See you there

Partnered with UPS Virtual

Partnered with Frontier Virtual

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I’ll take gate F35

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I’ll take A17 - But change the Aircraft and Destination to a 772 and to Rome. AAVA148


You’re adde see you there

Your added as well 🙂

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A4 to Charlotte please. :)

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Certainly, I’ll add you now

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I’ll take gate F32, CRJ-200 AAL to KERI.


Put me down for this one Jerome :)


I’ll take the Southwest gate to Phoenix. See you there!

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@Trio @GlobalFlyer1 @Captain_JR you have all been added. See you all there 😊


Can you change gate A14 to Doha using B777-300 Qatar Airways Please @JeromeJ

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I’ll take this gate, please. 😉

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Southwest to Nashville please :)

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Gate E1 please to my hometown!

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Hey mate, you know? that here in Spain we celebrate too the 2nd of May, which was the day that people in Spain want to Independence from our country, it was a horror battle!

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I was %25 percent done with my PHL flyout


Can you add cargo, then I’ll attend as a FedEx 777 to memphis

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C31 please!

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Can I take Gate A21- AAVA1094