21.8 Not downloading

Device: Samsung Tab S5e
Current version: 21.7

Hello, I am trying to update IF to 21.8 and the app normally auto updates while I am at school. I checked the play store multiple times and it never showed the “update” button

I have already Uninstalled then reinstalled the app with no luck.

Hey! With the release only coming out a few hours ago, I would give it a few more hours to let the update come to your device. As with a lot of things app-store-related, Infinite Flight doesn’t really have the power to control when you get your update. We have seen in the past that some get updates a lot quicker than others, while some have to wait a day to see their update in the app store.

If history tells us anything, you and everyone around the world should be able to access the update within a few days of release. I would just be patient!


You can’t do more than wait.
The rollout is at 100% and your device is compatible since you have 21.7.

The rest is up to Play Store.


Thanks everyone!

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