21.6 gate question

Does 21.6 make it an reportable offense to park at a gate that is too small for a given aircraft, since the gate size is shown on the map?


I don’t think so. Though it would be a neat feature


uhh what do you mean like A380 at regional gates or a 767 in 737 gates?

No controller procedures have changed in this regard just yet


Yeah. Actually the map doesn’t show gates that are too small, but parking on the wrong line can still happen. (at gates that support small and large aircraft)


Where do I find the gate sizes

Zoom in more, and click on the gate dot.

I zoomed in more and nothing

What settings do you have enabled? (see settings cog on the right)

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What Setting is it under

I think the best option for you search the gate you want stop, is search in the websites like

or in the airports websites and search for the schedule arrivals gates

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I guess the gates dots only show when you are near of airport, it’s has happened with me at Amsterdam Schiphol, after take off I can’t see more the dots but when I landed they come backed.

@Cameron can confirm this? Only show when we are on the airport?

Thanks for the help I found them now what does D and C and E etc mean

I can only see the gate dots when about to spawn in, never knew it was like that.

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Aircraft sizes.
Only gates that you can park at show up when in flight so you don’t have to worry about gates being too small.

New 21.6 feature apparently.

It depends on zoom level.


Gives no dots,
Just a bit mor in:

Now you have the spwan positions highlighted.

Tap one to get more information:

Including the ICAO size class.

A list with IF aircrafts ICAO size class can be found here:


Yes, I almost forgot about that point, good catch :)
You do need to be at or near the airport to see the ramp starts from the map in-game


How do you get the names of all gates to show up without tapping on them to get the name?

Zoom in really far