21.5 not compatible with device on google play store

I couldn’t update to the latest version of Infinite Flight and it says my device is not compatible with the current vision. I have tried different methods that were posted in the support section here but none of it is working.
#SafetyNet Test: CTS profile match → fail
Device name: Huawei Mate 40 Pro (NOH-AN00)
Processor: Kirin 9000
Memory: 119.5GB useable out of 256GB
HarmonyOS Version: 2.0.0
GMS is fully installed using the backup function, play store working perfectly well.

Hey there!

Recently when 21.1 released. Infinite Flight announced they no longer support 32-bit devices

I think this is same issue with boatloader

This device is 64 bit. Let’s do some research before we comment.

@s3MarTinWoooo in this case it seems your device doesn’t meet the current safety net requirements that have now been put in place on the latest update. This can affect devices with out of date software/ security patches, unlocked bootloaders etc. Several Huawei devices have run into this problem as they now run HarmonyOS rather than Android.

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