21.5 3D noticed inaccuracies & errors


Been looking through all airports of 21.5 to find any inaccuracies, errors, and structures that could obstruct aircraft. Here is the full list below of each airports that I found these imperfections on.


I am in no way disliking, shaming or calling out people’s work. I am giving feedback on official produce as a user of the service. I do not expect these to be fixed, supported, or noticed by any member of authority over 3D buildings. Please note some inaccuracies/errors may have been updated or fixed since this was created, although every airport was re-checked directly before posting for any public update. (log can be found in every airport’s in-map page showing the latest modification date and description)


BIKF - Keflavik - Iceland
Missing remote jetbridges

Slightly misplaced light post

Light should be in box however is slightly to the North

Runway 28 ILS LOC is too close to runway

All windsocks missing

No windsocks were found in the dark red circled areas (light red is part of ADC)

EBBR - Brussels - Belgium
Runway 01 ILS LOC placement

Should be further back from runway

EDDF - Frankfurt - Germany
Crate in gate (multiple issues)

Gate C4
Crate in le gate @ EDDF

Gate B43

Credit to Zach
Possible Cargo Container Placement Error @ EDDF

Lamp posts facing opposite way

The lamp posts here are facing the opposite way to the roadway. This may also be found on other parts of the airport.

Incorrect jetbridge count

Can understand that this may not be possible due to it being a squeeze.

Gate B28

Also the same with Gate C4.

Merged crates

'Floating' section of terminal building

This section here has support beams around the exterior frame however is not included in game giving it an odd look. Gate in picture is B46.

Credit to IF787

'Floating' angle

EGPT - Perth Scone - Scotland
Missing building around tower

House structure around tower is missing, although may not be able to add due to the small size of it.

EGVN - Brize Norton - United Kingdom
Merged vehicles

EPWA - Warsaw Chopina - Poland
AC unit inside building

Located in the terminal area.

KHOU - Houston Hobby - USA
ILS LOC resize/positioning

ILS LOC is too large and belongs on the asphalt surface just behind it.

KLAS - Harry Reid Intl - Nevada
Merged crates

Missing blast protectors near 26R

Editor is apparently aware.

LEMD - Madrid - Spain
Jetbridge inaccuracies @ Terminal 4S

Cannot find the building that puts these two jetbridges on the far left together. This is not found on the latest Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing, Maxar or ESRI imagery.

Jetbridges are slightly too far to the left and are more closer to the right side than equal.

This also should to be moved more to the right.

There is a missing middle jetbridge here

Blast fencing too small

Blasts here appear to be a lot shorter than they are in imagery. Just to the North East of Terminal 4.

Jetbridge inaccuracies @ Terminal 4

This gate has 2 jetbridges.

Object in building

Just north of Terminal 3

LIPZ - Venice - Italy

I found nothing wrong with the 3D aspect of this airport, however Venice is very outdated in terms of 2D and has several missing parts on the 2D aspect, including an extended taxiway parallel to the entire runway and new taxiway connection at the terminal, along with a couple new jetbridges.

LTFM - Istanbul - Turkey
Gate A9 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

1 jetbridge that is missing from where this splits.

Gate A2 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

Gate has 3 jetbridges. Far left is missing.

Gate B14 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

Gate only has 2 jetbridges, imagery shows 2.

Gate B16 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

Only 1 jetbridge in game, 2 on imagery

Gate B4 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

Only 1 jetbridge in game, 2 on imagery

Gate D16 - Jetbridge inaccuraacy

Gate F15, F16 & F18 gate inaccuracies
  • F15 splits into 2 jetbridges

  • F16 is missing a jetbridge at most protruding point out of the terminal.

  • F18 also splits into 2 jetbridges.

Gate F7, F9, F13 & F19 gate inaccuracies
  • F7/F9/F13 - Third jetbridge (2nd imagery angle given below)

  • F19 - Missing jetbridge, imagery displays 2

Secondary proof


MMOX - Oaxaca - Mexico
Beacon incorrectly located

Credit - YouTube

No windsocks

Both windsocks are located near to the touchdown markings. There are also ILS equipment near these areas.

These windsocks are placed at pretty much the exact same position on both ends of the runway: directly next to the PAPI lights.

Ground vehicles too large

Credit to OP

Oaxaca MMOX - Airstairs proportion

MMPR - Puerto Vallarta - Mexico
Runway 04 Windsock

Accurate position is behind the PAPI lights

Runway 22 Windsock

Accurate position is behind the PAPI lights

NZDN - Dunedin - New Zealand
Beacon placement

I believe the Beacon is on the tower, or at least directly next to according to charts.


RCKH - Kaohsiung - Taipei
Gate 30 Jetbridge

Minor inaccuracy, I notice the jetbridge comes out of the opposite side of the terminal like half the other gates at the airport.


I found no inaccuracies/errors with EGCC, KASE, KBOS, KIAD, MPTO, MUHA, OPKC, PAJN, SBGL, SBRF, and SCTE where other closed topics haven’t covered everything.

Thanks for viewing.


Thanks Ethan, lots of things I’ve never noticed!


Looks like someone’s been busy. 👀


Oh my… 😳

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Slightly. 3 hours of nothing to do in college here, 2 hours of nothing to do at home there. Laptop and phone at hand, what’s not to love?


Nice that you noticed, Im pretty sure that 90% of us didn’t noticed until now! I am pretty sure they ar coming in a hotfix or the next update! Again Very nice of you to publish all misplacement and etc.!

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also in BIKF on runway 28 in the middle the center line cross over with one another

I think all these should have been noticed by the beta testers. Are they really looking at all the details or they just have early access to new release. I advocate infinite should have an open beta, so folks can look at these details and point them out for the development team. Not just flying around.

I believe that is a 2D error and can’t be fixed via any editing, if you mean the two runways intersecting.

I can guarantee you that all the beta testers are working hard to provide the best content they can for the public. Generally 3D airports aren’t always looked at in this level of detail, and need a special eye to point them out. 🙂

Plus no-one is perfect so I will never judge anyone from their quality when they first start off.

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not really like there are 2 sets of whit line on rwy 28 ill send a photo later

You mean this? This isn’t a 3D error as it isn’t… well 3D and although is a 2D error, it can’t be fixed by the AET as it is just a merge of runway textures. All airports with intersecting runways has this. Just another one of Infinite Flight’s cache of imperfections.

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uh i did ont see that but try a little further on runway 28?
but anyway its a 2d error
Have a good one anyway

Also in LEMD

thanks… i can’t unsee all this now. istanbul will be hell for me.

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Good job finding them lol
I do have one airport where I could see inaccuracies as well

Thanks for the info…