21.4 premiere

Who’s excited for the 21.4 update premiere!


I am not


I am excited!

Why not? It’s the A330 rework.

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Of course I am very excited You Guys!


Anyone who’s not excited is not a true A330 fan


Hopefully they add Delta

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I’m not a fan yet, but now just got excited for the update because I just hopped in and immediately hopped out from the existing A330 cockpit… I never tried it but it was that horrible I’m not used to dead cockpits anymore. Now switching planes continuing my route.

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First flight I’m doing is EHAM to TNCM A330 KLM!

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My first one will definitely be with Jet Airways between Mumbai and Delhi!😆 seriously can’t wait!

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t like the A330 that much, but I’m still excited. The more modern aircraft with great flight decks are in the sim the better. Right now I only fly the A350 on long haul, if I fly Airbus so having a different Option is awesome. Also the A330 offers the option to fly more Airlines.

My first flight will probably be Air Transat’s little known route, Algiers to Montreal.

When do you gifts think it’ll be public release?

Personally I think it’ll be either 24 hours after the premiere or Monday like 21.3

What was that

That was 20.1 :)

Im very excited, anyone wanna guess how many airports are getting the 3D treatment?

I don’t know about that but I’ll be mad if we don’t get Gatwick

Oh yeah, it was released on Sunday, if I am not wrong

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I want Gatwick so bad