21.4 lag - using reworked A330 at busy airport and in air

Using an iPhone XS with IOS 14.7. Expert server. Rendering all on medium but textures on high. I have aircraft count on medium. Was at JFK which was busy and lots of staggered lag and brief freezes. Even when back in the air at cruising level on NATs was jagged at times. Do not seem to have this issue with other aircraft on expert server at busy airports. Anyone shed some light on what may be the issue?

I have had the same thing happen. What is happening is that tons of people are you new buggy stuff so the will be delays because a lot of people are there and using laggy/buggy stuff.

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This is probably due to the load in the servers.

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Yeah I agree!

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Yes,as you know with the arrival of the reworked A330 many more people are flying than usual,hence I think it’s A bit much for the server to handle,hence the lag.πŸ˜‰


Yep. Your 1st and 2nd post is what happened to me I think.

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Try turning rendering to low? I have found similar lag issues on my pixel 5 with high and medium rendering settings after 21.1.

It might also be because your device needs to download tons of new liveries

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