21.4 - clipping graphic issues remain :(

Just downloaded 21.4, and the clipping graphics issues remain. Photos attached. If you zoom into the area affected they disappear briefly but reappear when you reset the zoom. They started during 21.2 back in June. I saw another thread that said the developers are aware of the clipping issue. Is there any idea when it will be sorted.

I’m using an IPhone XS on IOS 14.7. Graphics settings all on medium but textures is on high. Have played around with settings, reinstalled the app etc several times and hasn’t fixed the issue. There is a clipping issue on nearly aircraft.

Sorry about this, it’s definitely high on our radar. We’re working towards a fix as part of Project Metal, but we are making improvements in each update where we can.

This is a side-effect of how we currently render things to balance good performance with the amount of detail/size of the environment.


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