21.4 Blog Post?

Hey there, I’m just wondering where I can find details on the new A330 update, and the new airports. There’s usually a post pinned about a major update. I know there was a cool video, but I like to read about it too. Can anyone send me a link. Thanks!

There is a post for it! Here it is.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a list of the airports. Just the A330.

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They will usually release a blog post when the update is released but the update hasn’t been released yet :)

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Ah, well is there a list of the new airports at least?

Nope, and we only have 4 confirmed new airports so far that I know of.


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Ok thank you

And KPHX as well.

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Oh that’s exciting! I’m an American, so cool to simulate an airport I travel through often!

When was it confirmed?

Haven’t seen that yet.

Not confirmed (I don’t think), but highly likely

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Comparison images:


Iberia doesn’t fly to KPHX do they? However, that hangar with the little thing sticking out is real convincing

They don’t but it seems to have thrown everybody off.

Hryr is confirmed too

I believe the Rwandair videos were there

VABB as well

Are you sure that isn’t Madrid or some Spanish airport? Iberia hasn’t ever flown to PHX and the landscapes are similar to each other.

Mumbai (VABB) has also been confirmed,the Hub of Jet Airways.

We’ll post the blog post with all information when we are ready for release. Not long to go now!