21.2 update

Hi! I was wandering why I hadn’t got the update for 21.2 yet… My device is an iPad 2017 5th Gen and I’m in the UK… I understand that it might take some time to get to everyone but just making this topic incase I’ve missed something ;)

As said in the original message that is currently at the top of the community, the rollout to all the devices may take a day or so. Just hang tight and wait for it to come out. Also in that post, is the device requirements. Check your device requirements and see if it meets the new requirements that are pushed for the 21.1 and 21.2 update. Happy flying!



Please see this response by Cameron


oh yes thank you :)
This can be closed :)

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You literally answered your own question.


I also live in the UK and use iOS. I have just received the 21.2 update for my 2020 iPad Pro. Just be patient and it should come to you soon. :)

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Yes but I said just in case I missed something

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