21.2 glitched airport

Hi IFC, Big fan here and I think I found a glitched airport nobody had seen yet and it’s basically 300 feet above the ground and it’s really glitchy. If you want to see for yourself, the airport code MMCC in Mexico

You can see In the photos provided unless they don’t show up correctly

Thanks IFC and Thanks for 21.2

Hiya, this isn’t an issue specifically with 21.2. It’s to do with the imported automatically generated airports used when Infinite Flight first started (including global flight). Some of their altitudes can be a bit off. I’ll take a look and see if it needs fixing.

Thanks for the report!

– Ecoops123, Airport Editing Supervisor


Looking forward it has been edited by one of our members, but won’t appear until the next nav/airport update (TBD). Happy flying!


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