21.2 App Crash — IPhone 8

I know there are always posts about app crashes and I know that they occasionally happen, but this was an outlier so I figured it was worth a post

I was taxiing off the runway at Seoul when my app crashed, it was after a 13:58 flight from Dallas in the 789

• IPhone 8
• Software Version: 13.3.1
• 18 GB available
• Restarted device before flight
• All graphics low, except texture quality which was medium

I’ve flown countless flights on this device, and I know the IPhone 8 isn’t the newest device, but it should be able to run IF. What made this concerning is that it was my first long haul after 21.2, I’ve flown a number of ULRs to airports with buildings and it’s never crashed on this device, until the 21.2 update.

I don’t know if this will be an isolated issue, but I thought it was worth noting

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It’s very strange that that happened to him. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Infinite Flight?

Just a question, was your device brightness high?

I have not uninstalled or reinstalled since 21.1 beta

That same is a good point, when the device gets too hot, it usually protects itself, and closes the application that is causing the device to overheat.

Not very high, I was in a fairly dark room

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Try to do it, and you can send me a private message what was the result.

My phone has gotten realllyyy hot and it hasn’t crashed, it was not at all hot this time though

I would try to uninstall and then reinstall, when doing long hauls or ultra long hauls, you screen brightness should be lower

I don’t think It was the brightness, It was no more than 1/4 of the way up

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It sounds like a memory crash.
Did you restart the device before getting up in the air?

At least, i would recommend doing a soft restart before.

This is a bit too much for a simple crash. No reason to reinstall there. (Hold down the power button until you see “Slide to turn off…”, at that point you hold the “Home” button until you’re returned to the home page)

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I restarted before the flight yes, and I had almost 19 GB available unless it was a RAM issue

It may be a lot for something so small, but that’s what I did after 21.1 came out, because when they released the official version, at the beginning the game would close and freeze, but I had to even restore my factory device so that can fly.

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