21.1 violations

In 21.1, I assume that IFATC will issues a level 2 violation for taxiing through a building. However, in some of the WIP screenshots I see that the jetbridge is in the extended location. Will taxiing into the end of a jetbridge be grounds for a violation?
I personally don’t think it should be because the jetbridge is not extended until you are parked IRL so you can’t run into it. Of course, if you run into the non-movable part of the jetbridge that is the same as running into a building.


IFATC have had a “Taxiing through terminals/buildings” sort of violation for some time. So this sort of aspect won’t be anything new. As for if you clip part of a building or jetbridge or some other object, that’s ok. IFATC won’t be out to get you for stuff like that. What they’re more concerned about are the trolls who decide they want to depart from the gate that they spawned in at.


I doubt it for taxiing through a jetbridge.

As long as you pay for the jet bridge and give me a raise, I’ll let it slide.


I assume the serious answer is no?
Because parking a 777 only to realize the bridge is setup for a 737 is going to be common.

Yeah, I’m joking around. I don’t know the correct answer but what Deercrusher said is gonna be it

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Nope, the gate will appear red in the preview.

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I said parking not spawning…
And anyways you can’t expect perfect center alignment every time. There is a reason why jetbridges are not in extended position irl.

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