21.1 update

Do you think a less powerful device will be able to cope with buildings and clouds for the next update?

How will my device handle the new features?
We are working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy this new content. Quality settings will allow users to reduce the numbers of airport objects visible to adapt to their device performance.

Excerpt from the Buildings and Clouds blog.

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So will it be similar to airplane count where you can choose how many aircraft can be visible the same with terminal objects?

I believe that that will be the case yes. Perhaps a setting to limit the amount of objects visible, or maybe a setting which could decrease the rendering and texturing quality of the airport terminals and objects, as is the case with aircraft and scenery in Infinite Flight today.


There are also options already in game to lower graphics etc… so when the update is out and you are experiencing a bit lag you can do that. But like they said, they are doing their best that that won’t be needed

Do you think there will be an option to not see any terminal buildings as at all as with airplane count?

I am sure there will be some kind of options

but you can already lower the airplane count. I have it on lower so that it doesn’t lag so much

I however don’t think you will be able to completely make buildings disappear

Check out this reply to a feature request from Cam, as seen here they may decide to implement these kinds of settings so that the new update may cater to as many devices as possible.

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Ok thanks so they are working on something similar then

That is correct, to keep an eye on what will be coming in 21.1, I suggest looking out for posts on the Official 21.1 Tracking Thread and Infinite Flight LLC’s other social media outlets.

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Yea I bet there will be like a setting to control the quality of the buildings

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