21.1 Terminals

The first image is looks like Johannesburg or Cape Town…
Hope they will will update any airport in Asia…


Saw Laura at KLAX about an hour ago. I’ll stay aware of that.


She is still on KLAX.

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Case and point

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case closed👍.

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I hope they add terminals for fort lauderdale hollywood int and miami int.


I would Love TJSJ

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Fingers crossed for Isle of Man airport ! :)


Bristol Airport needs it as well


San Francisco is my home airport and I’d love to see terminal buildings, maybe I’ll join IF again if they add them


They are adding them in the next update

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Wait really? Like confirmed?

Welcome to the community 👋

Yep go on the IF development timeline or there social media’s to see

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And I haven’t been up to date with IF since August 2020, did they mention anything about clouds

Yep all in the 21.1

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Perfect! I’ll check the development timeline then

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We all are very excited about it and watch the 2020 recap vid as well if u want to see more

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SFO is kind of the default airport for IF, possibly an homage to its origins.
I’m not sure if it’s still the case as my game hasn’t crashed in almost a year, but AFAIK if IF crashed mid flight it defaults to SFO. Also it shows up in just about every update trailer, so it makes sense that SFO was one of the first airports to get terminals.

Plus it’s pretty nice as it’s my home airport 😏