21.1 Question

Upon its release, will version 21.1 be required to play?

So if I choose to not download the update once it’s available, I cannot fly? That’s my question.

Hey mate,

You are not required to download the update to continue to fly, but just keep in mind that you obviously will not have access to any of the new 21.1 features and some aircraft my appear invisible to you due to new liveries coming with 21.1.

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Thank you for clarifying. I’m fine with that for now, as the other options are cancel my longtime subscription or buy a new device just for Infinite Flight. I’m more of a GA through-the-mountains kind of guy anyway, so I’m not missing out on much.

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No worries mate. GA flights are certainly good fun. Glad I could help. 🙂

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Hi man, I am deaf.

I was stuck my phone can’t update on IF, too.

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