21.1 / project metal question

Is 21.1 coming with project metal or is that separate an separate update.


Project metal is a big project that is slowly being introduced every update.
Buildings and clouds are a big step in the project but no, the entire project isn’t going to be released with 21.1.


Ohhhh I thought it was one big update. Thank you!

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Like @GBKarp said it won’t all be in 21.1 but they will add but by bit for ex. 21.1 they are teasing airports buildings that will be in 21.1 but it will take time for everything to come in.


To add to what they said, project metal is a mission to update the core of the app so it will not have a certain ending as everyday there’s new stuff to add and remove to make the app better

Parts of project metal will be come in 21.1. we know this includes the texture rework on A380 and cessna Caravan, about 6-8 airports getting terminals, and maybe clouds.

This information can be found on very reliable YouTube channels, such as Aviation6, which is my favorite

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If your interpretation of Aviation6 is that it’s an accurate and reliable source of official Infinite Flight information, it’s not a good interpretation. Nothing on that YouTube account is even remotely close to being official or accurate to the extent that Infinite Flight’s official social platforms is. Never trust these sources.




Don’t forget that project metal isn’t an update with a set of features. It’s a project in which Infinite Flight update the core data of the app. It’s just a project (I think related to the graphic engine) that will allow Infinite Flight to add more features that they couldn’t add in the past, for example buildings !


Yea definitely. Reliable YouTube channels and Aviation6 doesn’t go in the same sentence, nor paragraph


I really hope you aren’t agreeing that he is reliable…

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I was being sarcastic lol


Without getting too off-topic, in no way is Aviation6 a channel that should be considered reliable by any means. He is neither a developer nor does he work at FDS. At least 1/2 of his videos are speculation, 1/4 is “recapping” (which he does about 8 times an update even though he say’s nearly the same stuff) and 1/4 is showing off a picture from an official Infinite flight social media account which can be easily seen if a viewer was to just look at an official IF account which is the most reliable source when relating to Infinite Flight. Come to think, most of it is also Clickbait, especially the speculation videos because people will think it is true, get disappointed it does not come out, and then call IF “misleading”. I mean just look at the most recent videos from him, you can see some common trends:


And he used crop x plane 11 photos in some of his thumbnails, what a chad


It’s not XPlane it’s actually leaks from the next IF update. 😛


Metal won’t be something you can see come to Infinite Flight, but it allow stuff like buildings to implement.

will 21.1/Project metal will have tire smoke

Don’t think i ever saw the phrase “tire smoke” across any IF social media posts, so most likely not.

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Same here, I’m glad you asked this question.

Think of project metal like getting a new graphics card for your computer. It does not automatically add elements to your game but it opens the door to using cool stuff.

Any of the releases should be considered separate from Metal. Metal is more of a framework. In a perfect world, Metal would be implemented and the end-user would never know.