21.1 Pics: WizzAir to Scotland

Warning: Multiple Jokes in this topic. Don’t take it seriously :)

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my 1st #screenshots-and-videos featuring the 21.2 open BETA! While we still enjoying the buildings, clouds, and bugs & glitches, why not posting a topic with the Open Beta? Ok, so he we go…

This was my first Live Flight with the open Beta, flying for WZZVA… from Budapest to our Unicorn’s home airport: Edinburgh, in Scotland.

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Just putting this so this doesn't get closed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Server: The one and only ES
  • Date of the Flight: 2021-04-28T05:00:00Z
  • Aircraft: Purple Blue White Air A320 MAX. Fun Fact: It has MCAS.
  • Flight Time: 2:25h
  • Route: LHBP-EGPH

Enjoy the photos, fellow viewers :)

The Airbus chillin’ and we have a cloudy day. But we have amazing colours on the clouds. Unfortunately, there wasn’t unicorns to accompany us.

The A320 departing from LHBP. Farewell Goodbye Budapest. See you soon :)

Is ThAt A UfO? Oh Wait, Is the A320 breaking the clouds.

Me and the plane admiring those fancy clouds.

Love the reflection of the plane. Awsome, isn’t it?

Turning final for runway 6. I didn’t resist to take this shot.

My landing, seen from Edinburgh’s control Tower.

Another View of the ReVeRsEd TaKeOfF (I mean, landing)

About to deload passengers. It was a pleasant flight as always.

Picture of the day…

A flyable DC 747 TriStar MAX

Hope you liked the photos! Thank you for taking the time on reading this topic. Make sure to follow the The Great IFC Screenshot Competition. Some unexpected results can come.


Great pictures, really showcasing some of the great additions to the game :) Very cool to see, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you @JulianB for your appreciation :)

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