21.1 Photos!

So I know we have all been very excited for the 21.1 beta release and I must confirm that this is the best mobile flight sim update that I have ever seen. First and foremost I’d like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those who were involved in the development of the project and I can tell you that your hard work has paid off! The scenery + buildings look stunning and are absolutely a beautiful part of an incredible flight simulator

A few looming questions I’d like to answer:

  • No, they are no jetway / vehicle animations as of yet
  • Yes there is a full list of 3D airports on the main 21.1 beta page
  • Yes, the 747-8 and 744 cockpit has been slightly tweaked along with 748 gear tilt

Once again Thank you! There are still places left for Beta as I suppose it has not yet reached the cap limit so try and get the beta whilst you can!

A link to the 21.1 beta page: 21.1 Open Beta

A few screenshots:

![image|820x484 !


Hate to say it, but you can only include up to 10 photos in a #screenshots-and-videos topic, this one in particular has 13.

Read more here:

Anyways, nice shots!

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It’s truly amazing to see just how far infinite flight has come. Crazy how it went from a C172 and SFO to this

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What’s the airport of the Westjet shots ? 🥰

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OMDB Dubai

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Couldn’t agree more…

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I deleted a few, 😀

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I love the sun here

Welcome to the community and yes those shots are amazing 🤩