21.1 Open Beta

That certainly is one thought.


Very good work!! The 3d airport and the cirrus clouds are stunning, the only thing that I report is when the plane cross the clouds the animation isn’t fluid, ther’s a sort of lag when trepassing the layer of clouds. Hope you fix them.

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Hi Christopher. Welcome to the community!

Please read the original post in this topic for exact instructions on reporting bugs.



I know right!!!

This is the embraer 175 Which doesn’t have animated cockpit feature so why did my flight vector change like this. Its suppose to be level at level flight instead its showing that I’m pitched up instead. Please fix this along wit the other planes that has a animated cockpit. Please

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The Concorde at Paris CDG (who is not a building) was auto generated ?!


The HUD is not meant to be used in cockpit view. It distorts the horizon

Omg this is so epic

Hi, my iPad Pro is heating up on beta version, I’m using 30fps.

Just one quick question as this was so rarely talked about:

Has the B747-400 also gotten wing-flex and gear tilt or just the B747-8i?

Just the -8 :)

Report this in the open beta category.

But I can say is that my ipad is warm not overheated. I have the iPad Pro 2nd Generation. My battery is definitely a bit weak cause of the update but that should get better

From images I’ve seen around IFC and in this thread, it appears that the -400s do also have it though…is it just gear tilt in that case?

Huh I actually don’t know. The devs probably surprised us then

are clouds integrated in real life weather or we really have to manually adjust them?

Clouds aren’t integrated with IRL weather yet, for now, it’s a manual adjustment feature only

^^ Appears to be all 747s

I see thanks!

The device is a Vivo Y11 32GB