21.1 Open Beta

Wait when will they expand the beta?

Are the Cirrus clouds supposed to only go in one direction or does it change? I feel like the clouds only go from east to west.

When will they extend the beta for more users bc its full

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No one really knows, I am assuming this is as full as it will get, sorry :(

good a query, on which website or WhatsApp group or where can I find the airports that will be active this week and next week?

Welcome back! I don’t know if you heard or not, but IFATC has moved away from the ATC schedule, this is because IFATC would be moving to regions! Regions around the world will now be controlled by anyone at anytime!

Down below is the link to find out more, I suggest taking a look!

Hey, not to be rude, but why would you post that here? You can post it in a private message with your friends. This is the 21.1 topic where you can discuss about the upcoming 21.1 update, not your ‘roblox airline’. If you want any help with knowing how the IFC works or something else, you can pm me.


Just get used to it …

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Yes there is a reason to say it here after its been reported. The reason is to COMMUNICATE TO OTHER IFC MEMBERS who are not beta testers how things are going. Its the same reason beta testers show screen shots and make 21.1 youtube videos, to share information

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I am? lol

Yup…he did.


He is taking a while this time

still have the purple over the strobe and nav light on JetBlue A321. Just the right side. Build 959

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Also noticed this issue, brought up here:
On a side note, it is recommended to direct all issue reports to the #open-beta category.
Thanks :)

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Let me tell you, I do not have Open Beta (I couldn’t handle the frustrations) how did all these things get passed Alpha testers ? Another concern. I was watching one of the streams on twitch for IF, Laura was talking about how everything was going well, and the game runs great, she pointed to what she was testing the build on for Android and she pointed to a Samsung tab s7, I mean sure, the best samsung tablet helps, but did they test on lower Android devices.


21.1 is a significant update from a technology standpoint, since we’ve overhauled a lot of the app internally to support these new features. On most devices, performance is as-good, if not better, than before except now with buildings, clouds and better reflections included.

When it comes to Android, we test with a representative sample of devices internally, from budget devices to higher-end tablets, and use these as a baseline for our performance metrics. It’s worth keeping in mind that we support thousands of different device models on Android, each with different chipsets and firmware which can impact performance in unique ways.

The reason we carry out an Open Beta is to catch device-specific issues and server load before releasing the app as a stable version. It gives people that want access to the new features a chance to try them, while giving us a wider sample of devices to test with and ensure everything is running optimally. At no point have we said it’s the finished version, and I think it’s fair to expect an optional beta to have some bugs :)


I’m sure this post will get flagged and removed, But I really have to say this. I am really disappointed with the way some members have approached this Open BETA.
If you are gonna be immature and incredibly entitled then quite frankly BETA is not for you.


I am currently testing the 21.1 open beta version of infinite flight on my iPad 6th generation and since the beginning and I notice that the texture of the 3D bulding has not been corrected and moreover when we zoom in on the horizon the quality is no longer the same as on version 20.3.


@Lufthansa475, this is not the place to report issues. Please read the instructions at the top of this thread.

This is a known issue, and you can continue in the thread below.



Know issue. Next time please use the template to report issues