21.1 Open Beta

i cant wait for 21.1 to be released out of beta

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The fences are wonderful.


AFR454 Paris to São Paulo
Departing 8L out of CDG

Descending into GRU


That livery looks so shiny and sleek!


when is the 717 going to updated?

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The 717 hasn’t been reworked for this cycle, though you may continue to support their feature request here if you would like to see them in a future update. Thanks!


New open beta build 2

More information about Build #2:



The ifc will save you dont worry. lol.
Defibrillator GIFs | Tenor

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Never thought id say this about a plane but…Thats hot.

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he used to be fine but then he really started clickbaiting its so annoying.

My app crashes when I enter a flight after the recent build

what type of device do you have?

iPad 7th generation version 14.4.2

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hmmm, thats a relatively new device. Do you have any extra storage? (1-2GB is suggested for IF)

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Yes, i have more than 15GB

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have you cleared youre cache on IF?

How Can i clear my cache if thats the issue?

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its in youre IF settings. I dont know exactly where but just look through them.

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I just cleared the cache and will reboot my device. If it’s not working then i don’t why it’s still crashing

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